Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Update 3/9/10 Day 120

Dear friends,
Stephen can officially sit down low enough to take a bath! Here he is practicing in a Sunnyview tub. Above he's getting his knee cranked by Able Mary, and here he is riding the exercise bike in the Sunnyview gym. What a guy!
I was floored by the tremendous response to my "sensible shoes" post yesterday. I'm thinking there are some major opinions out there about shoes! You were all so encouraging, some recommending the "go for it" approach, some saying "give it a trial run", some saying "stick with those comfy old friends your hoofs have grown to love". I actually did purchase some black, heeled (not too high, not too skinny), buckled shoes and it was a gas to wear them! I will keep you all informed on the evolution of my life with shoes. What an absolute blast you are!
Went to bible study this morning with some of the
world's finest folks at DFG. I haven't been to a bible study in a dog's age. Beth Moore's message today was her usual first rate teaching, hitting on the subject of the true source of satisfaction. I love the company of people of faith! It's like brick and mortar to my own. I dare say no one can successfully navigate the pilgrim road without the strength and encouragement our fellow travellers provide. The Great One never made a single one of us to go it alone. And it wouldn't be any fun that way either!
I continue to find there is always something more the Great One wants me to understand. About His grace, about forgiveness, about some of my own wrong mindsets. He's always after something more for us. More freedom, more joy, more wisdom. The thing with God is, He never has a dark motive: "God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all..." So He can always be trusted to do the right thing in our lives. Even when it's painful. There's no way God purposed the agony of a horrible car wreck for my family. That's the difficult price of living in a fallen world where God must allow free will lest we all be puppets on some cosmic string. At the same time, He is sovereign. And He can take all the mishaps of a world upside down and determine to turn them right side up. He can choose to put up His hand and say "this far, and no farther", lest the dark side of man swallow up hope. Much smarter people than me have struggled with this problem of God's goodness in terrible circumstances. I don't know how it all plays out, but I can personally testify to the matchless mercy of One whose ways are beyond my understanding. And someday, it will be time to wrap up this place of sorrows and move on to "the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God." Sweet hope!
A little tired tonite after a school meeting at Our Savior's. (I just adore those dear people!) Can I say one more time that I have gained so much from my relationship with you precious Bloggies over the cyber miles. I have spilled my guts, posted my foul ups and smiled via words from ear to ear, and you have been my friends through it all. Communication has been the therapy for my "bruises" from the unfoldings since November 8. And it's alot cheaper than a psychiatrist.
Sorry about the terrible formatting. I can never fix it when I include pictures.
Keep climbing. The city with foundations could be around the corner.
Your friend on the pilgrim road,
P.S. Happy birthday, Arleen the Effervescent, you darling girl!


Anonymous said...

It just cracks me up that you got more comments yesterday than just about any day yet! And about SHOES!!! Some waxed pretty philosophical, don't ya think?

Well, I have to say, I was pretty happy when, after looking at the picture, that Steve was in the tub at Sunnyview. All I could think before I read the blog was, "Gee, the Smith's need a much larger tub! Is Steve THAT tall?!?" So I got a little giggle out of it when I read where he was. Sure is great knowing he can drive himself to his torture, I mean PT, sessions at Sunnyview. Before you know it, girl, you'll have your old Steve back, and like Zophar says in the book of Job:

"You will surely forget your trouble, recalling it only as waters gone by. Life will be brighter than noonday, and darkness will become like morning. You will be secure, because there is hope; You will look about you and take your rest in safety." Job 11:16-18

That is one of my very favorite passages from the Bible, and I have found myself hanging on to those words many times throughout my life. I pray they would be Words that you will hold tightly to. Love you much. XXOO Mar

Anonymous said...

Poor formatting is a small price to pay for the wonderful messages you deliver. The pictures are heart warming.