Monday, March 15, 2010

Update 3/15/10 Day 126

Dear friends,

Smitty and I had a sweet, sad moment this morning. Sweet because we shared it, sad because it was the sharing of heartbreak. Every now and then the waves of the fallout from the crash coming rolling over us, especially in regards to our princess. As you know, there are some things I simply cannot bring out in this public forum because of the tenderness of the issues and the need to protect the privacy of those involved. But I can freely tell you about our coping, and the power of love through everything. The suddenness of the emotions came on both of us, and we leaned on each other. And we leaned hard on the Great One. There's a solid rock on which to place your staggering feet. "He heals the broken hearted, binding up their wounds..." It doesn't happen all at once. But what great comfort that it's real! It's been over 4 months since all this happened. But we are where we are. There are still sorrows and challenges to face. I wish we were through it. I knew a while ago that 6 months down the road we would still need the understanding of our friends and family for quite a while. And you've stuck it out with us. No one has said to me "get over it." Believe me, I would if I could. But I won't lie about it. It still hurts.

All is not gloom and doom, however! There have been countless miracles and multiple blessings to unpack. Who could have guessed that Hercules would be up on a cane at this point, driving, working part time, folding laundry (hurray!) and purchasing shoes. By the way, I don't know who put that money in Steve's hands to aquire new shoes on Sunday. But whoever you are, thank you. Yes, he does have to buy 2 pairs of shoes (different sizes). We did find one place that only charges half for the second shoe, after you pay full price for the first. But that place is more pricey, so it comes out about even. Anyway, how cool is it that someone actually thought about Stephen's feet? I remind you, that right foot really does look like Sasquatch's. And with the skin graft in plain sight, his whole lower half is a bit ghouly looking. Still, he's a handsome fella, don't you agree?

Another of the many provisions of the Great One is our next vehicle. Turns out the absolutely fabulous cousin Peggy Ann, (one of many fab cousins on Stephen's side; there's some equally fab ones on my side too, but I really digress), is getting ready to purchase her next car and is selling us her Honda Civic at a price you wouldn't believe. Not to mention she's getting her mechanic to gussy it up proper before we pick it up in Port Jervis at the end of March. Peggy Ann has kept in touch with us via email since day one, and has been a tremendous encouragement, not to mention a communicator extraordinaire. Her sense of humor rivals my husband's and that's saying alot. Must be those Baldwin genes...

I cleaned out the bathroom closet today. All the bandages, ace's and gauze's, all that cool xeroform (remember that stuff?), all the wound cleanser that was unopened was packed up to go to Jezreel International, a ministry that ships clothing, medicine, even stuff like bicycles all over the world to poor folks who need all those practical items. If you live around here, they're a great place to bring your gently worn clothing. They can always use a hand folding and sorting clothes too if you have a few hours.

I leave you with this insightful quote by Victor Hugo:

"Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake".

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

just 126 days...Thru All you've gone thru, the hills and mountains you've climbed over and plowed thru....look how far you've (all) come! Thru it all you've inspired and uplifted MANY to say the least. You've pressed on toward the mark for the high calling of Christ. You're alive, and breathing, and still Praising The Most High God thru all your being! You are one I admire, thru your weaknesses God has made you strong. Apart from Him, we are nothing. All Praise and Honor to Our King!

Sleep IN Peace, (Smith Family), ..God IS Awake!

Standing w/you, always your friend.

Tiffany Ann said...

Love you guys. May God bless you with His presence today.


Steve and Hannah said...

Dear Anonymous and Tiffy,

Thank you from the switchback on the pilgrim road. I love you to pieces!