Friday, March 12, 2010

Update 3/12/10 Day 123

Dear friends,

The gulf between who I am and who I wish I were is a wide one. I still find myself wasting mental energy on stupid, mundane and even ugly thoughts, when there is a world of healthy, positive and right things to think about. The worst is when I take myself too seriously. What a relief to laugh at ourselves! Fortunately for me, I am married to a man who has a basically sunny disposition, and is quick with a joke. If I've figured anything out over these past few months, it is that attitude is king. Look at the circumstances with the right point of view and the whole thing turns on its axis from dark to light. Or at least to OK. Even if the thing isn't at all OK, we can still be OK. Unfortunately my attitude hasn't always been good. That's why I'm so glad to have a Savior who does not "change like shifting shadows". He's some kind of dependable! Unlike His creation. Shakespeare put it this way "For man is a giddy thing, and this is my conclusion..."

What an honor to meet Jim W. today, one of the firemen at the scene of the accident back, well you know when. We were at the transfer station (I was wearing my new high heels by the way), and the great Transfer Station Supervisor Joe started pulling our trash out of the back of the car. He and Smitty always chat away. Like I've said before, I love those guys down at the dump. They're the salt of the earth. Anyway, Jim ( not Joe) looked at Steve and asked if he remembered him. Steve said yes, thinking he had seen him there at the transfer station before. But I figured out what Jim was talking about! He helped get my darlings out of that car! He helped pull the thing apart to get the dashboard off of Stephen's lap. I gave him a big hug, and Hercules was able to shake the hand of a man who helped save his life. Jim was so happy, thrilled to see Smitty doing so well. Amazing, isn't it? There are heroes all around us. Ordinary people who simply are too stubborn to allow darkness to swallow up light. May the Great One repay them for their work. And like I said before, somewhere down this road is a party waiting for everyone who played a part in the Master's plan. You're some special dude, Jim!

Smitty got a call today about the Dyna Splint, that new apparatus that may help his elbow gain a bit more range of motion. Hip hip hooray, insurance will cover it! Actually he will need 2 of them: one for bending and one for straightening. So next week he and his Occupational Therapist and I will get instructed by the Dyna Splint people on how to work the thing. It stuns me that some smart person out there even thought of designing this devise. Lets ask the Great One for some real improvement with the use of this bendy tool. Even a few more centimeters of motion will make a difference.

It's Friday night, tacos have been consumed, and it's time for a movie. Tonite: "In a Lonely Place" with the inimitable Humphrey Bogart. Tomorrow both my brothers visit, and Joe works for our dear friend Sarge stacking wood. I almost wish I was stacking. There's nothing like physical work to set the mind free from self absorption. But I've got plenty I can do around here. Removing myself from the chair is the challenge. I've been a bit lazy lately...

Have a great weekend friends! Don't let your emotions run the show. They're good servants, lousy governors.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Tom S said...

Great that Steve got to shake their hands -- I hope I can someday. Amazing the good that real life heros can do....
Also glad about the Dyna Splint. IF it can work, Steve WILL make it work.
Hope you enjoy your movies, and remember you heard it from me first -- LOST is a great TV series. When you boil it down, it's a show about faith and redemption....