Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update 3/3/10 Day 115

Dear friends,

Hercules is in the clear to drive. He passed his evaluation without a hitch, as was expected. Hopefully we'll find him a car in the next few weeks. We did try out a Hyundai Sonata (assisted by Marvelous Matt), and liked the ride. It was already held for someone else, but we got the feel of it anyway. We'll keep looking. Thankfully we have a couple of clever car people keeping their eyes open for us.

I loved the comments on yesterday's blog, especially Susan K.'s "snit" remarks. I darn near fell over laughing! Thanks for being understanding about my ups and downs. It's probably fairly normal on such a wild ride, but it's hard to know exactly what normal is when you're inside of it. I think I need to do something fun soon. Maybe lace up the skates again (I know Fab Phyllis, you won't join me for that one), or go to a good movie (except I don't think there's anything out there I want to see). You know what my "dream fun" thing is to try that I've never done? Parasailing. Not much call for that in March in New York, but I sure would like to try it sometime. You'de never get me to jump out of an airplane, but I would love to make like a kite off the end of a boat. Steve says he'll leave that one for me. I once went whitewater rafting in Maine, and that was an absolute blast! Smitty's not ready for that one either, but maybe next year. Can you tell I'm antsy? I bet many of you are too.

Miss Rejoice saw the neurologist today, who continues to be pleased with her recovery. He reminded us of the year to 18 month curve on head injury recovery, and expressed again how seriously injured Hannah was on November 8. He did not expect her to recover this well, this soon. The Great One exceeds the expectations of man every time. I'm so grateful for the talented, compassionate, skilled doctors who have helped us. Surely God put them on assignment and even answered our prayers to make them "smarter than they are" (and believe me, they're already brilliant). Everytime I hear the good reports from the mouths of these men and women of healing, I am reminded of just how far we have come. Sometimes when you're in it, you can't see the forest for the trees. You lose perspective on just how well all this is going. Because sometimes the whole thing feels very long. But no matter, I am beyond grateful. Knocked out of the park grateful.

Speaking of great doctors, tomorrow we see our dear Bob the Builder, Dr. Bagchi. The last time he saw Stephen (4 weeks ago) we had our "get up and walk" moment. He was given the go ahead to bear weight on his right side that day, and had only had the fixator removed 2 weeks prior to that. I think the good doctor will be pretty delighted to see the man using a cane! Dr. B. is intimately acquainted with Smitty's bones, and worked hard to get them put back together. There's nothing like seeing your work on display! (The Great One sees that every day when he looks at you!) It's got to be great to see a man who was broken in a thousand pieces up on his feet. We'll let you know on tomorrow's post how it all goes.

Looking forward to seeing that big yellow ball in the sky make an appearance at some point soon. Taking a walk in the sun with my friend Judy the Good would qualify as a sweet diversion.

I'm asking all of you my dear blogsters, to lift your voices to the Great One for my friend S. who is having surgery tomorrow. She's been through a great deal already, and her courage and outstanding attitude are an inspiration to me. I know how powerful prayer can be, for her and her family. I sure do know... "Don't be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God..." I think of the too many times I have "had not, because I asked not". Just talking to the Great One is an honor. That he listens is simply incomprehensible...

"The Nutty Professor" is on deck in our Netflix que. I'm not sure we'll see it tonite, but Jerry Lewis is a surefire way to have a laugh. David and his dad are watching the dynamic duo, doing battle with The Penguin tonite. I'm off to pick the kids up at Gen Church, and then I'll most likely sleep happily til morn. Until tomorrow my friends, same bat time, same bat channel...

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

Loriann, I may not ice skate, but I do parasail & even did some white water rafting LOL. For right now, in this cold weather , how about a latte' @ starbucks?
Love, Fab Phyllis

Anonymous said...

I'm all for Starbucks *(if a venti water counts as Starbucks - lol!!). I tried sailboarding once in Mexico - pretty fun, but tough to do. That's about as adventurous as I get. Pretty much a sissy, I am. I haven't skated since the kids were little, but that might work. What's the adventure this week, Loriann???

Tom said...

If you have Netflix -- Lost, Season 1, Disc 1, PRONTO!!!