Monday, March 8, 2010

Update 3/8/10 4 months since crash

Dear friends,

I am a woman who wears sensible shoes. Brown loafers, black loafers, sneakers for athletic activities, comfortable, ordinary sandals in the summer. My sensible black shoes finally wore out, and I find myself looking for another pair without much heart in the matter. You see, somehow, deep inside, I am rebelling against sensible shoes. And I don't know why. As I look at the nice, flat, plain kind of shoes I have always worn, I pause. I see in the corner of my eye a pair of high heeled, kind of pointy (I NEVER did pointy) shoes with no back and a buckle. I see red shoes, and shiny shoes, and strappy shoes. I have never looked at those kind of shoes before. Those are for the non-sensible shoe ladies. Those are for the ladies who wear big necklaces and carry teeny little pocketbooks. What is happening to me? Is it a mid life crisis, or a celebration of being alive? I mean, I'm not interested in buying a Corvette and driving to Santa Monica with my girlfriends. Perhaps I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. This is the first time in 4 months I have even thought about shoes. (The holes in the bottom of the black loafers got me on the subject). What do you think? Should I let this wild thing pass, or seize the day? My friend Joanne, the Queen of Knowing What Not to Wear, would tell me to get the pointy shoes. And a new pair of jeans while I'm at it. But, I gotta be me... I'm conflicted!

This morning the front yard was awash in turkeys. Boy turkeys fluffing out their feathers, girl turkeys playing hard to get, turkeys, turkeys everywhere. Of course when I opened the window to take their pictures they ran. I really wanted to show you, there had to be 25 birds out there. It's really getting to be spring! Everything is beginning to wake up. The One who keeps it all humming deserves a hand. I for one am happy to applaud.

Hannah is going to have to put up with discomfort and adjustments with her partial until she is 18. That's the age she can begin the implant process on her 4 front teeth. She went for a tune up today, which did help her some. I do get kind of sad and mad over this thing with her teeth. A 14 year old teenage girl shouldn't have to deal with this because of someone else's bad decision. But here it is. Some things we parents simply can't fix for our children. Only the Great One can help her manage this over the next 4 years, and in the midst of her trouble I pray God will give her more spiritual treasures than she could have ever imagined. I know He'll be right there with her in the places within her only He can reach. "He causes all things to work together for good for those that love Him..." Even sore gums, artificial teeth, and unjust suffering. All things.

You my favorite Bloggies are the best at boldly asking God for His grace in all things. Please pray for J.C., who is fighting for his life with an infection post brain surgery. We know first hand, don't we, that there is no darkness the Great One can't penetrate. This young man's sister reads this blog, and she is a beautiful and encouraging woman! We can encourage her as we knock on heaven's door on behalf of her brother. That's a knock that's always heard. Even when we don't understand the outcome.

Stephen walked on the treadmill today. Can you even believe that 4 months ago today he was intubated and losing blood at a record pace? That he's alive is enough of a miracle. That he's working out in the Sunnyview gym almost makes me need the smelling salts. Thank you Jesus! You do stand alone!

So do all of you, my dear friends. Some of you wear sensible shoes, some of you are out there on a limb, some of you would prefer no shoes at all. How wild is He, the One and Only, and the way he put people together? Whoever thinks God is boring hasn't opened up the package of life and savored the variety. No cookie cutters with Him. People alone are enough to make me stand in stunned silence at His wonders. Astonishing.

Keep walking the pilgrim road, whatever kind of shoes you wear. Thank you for walking with me.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...


I'm all for sensible shoes and comfort. Don't need to be twisting an ankle or throwing your back out just to have pointy shoes with heels that look like nails. They're OK for a special occasion, but not for everyday. I have a hard time finding sensible shoes that don't look like old lady shoes. I'm not much of a shoe person as you probably have already guessed.

I'm still praying and believing for Hannah's teeth, Steve's short leg, and the elbow that won't bend all the way. The night of the accident, I asked God to knit everything back together as He originally intended everything to be and I haven't yet heard a "no" so I am still believing for that "YES!" He's done such a wonderful job so far, and I don't believe He is done yet!

We'll be praying for J.C.'s recovery and against this infection. We've already had practice praying against infections, haven't we?

Spring is in the air. My crocuses and snow drops have blossoms - haven't yet seen them open all the way, but it should be any day now. The thing I love about spring is that everything is coming back to life. Things that look dead or appear to be non-existant because they are "hiding" underground, will soon begin to sprout something green.

Isn't God great!?! Even when things look dark, all we need is a teeny, tiny little bit of His light and things really begin to come into focus and we can begin to see some of the lovely things that were hidden by the darkness - things we never saw before, things we never even knew were there.

God, let your Son shine and fill the whole earth with your glory.

We love you.

Lorraine & Ernie

P.S. The shoe thing doesn't apply to Ernie.

Anonymous said...

I think sensible can come in color too! I wear sensible wintermocks in garnet red and two shades of blue. I also have a pair of MaryJanes that are totally winterproof! All are exremelly comfortable. You dont need pointy to have fun!
Denise P.

sarajofina said...

I say have some fun with it! I love shoes...all colors, shapes and styles :)

Tracy Rashford said...

I say go for whatever shoe makes you feel good. Some of my most "unsensible" shoes are surprising comfortable and make me feel pretty and confident. And who says sensible can't be pretty too. If you need help shopping I'll happily lend my services (I have a gift for finding great deals). Marshall's Mega Shoe Store in Latham is shoe heaven as is DSW at Crossgates (my 2 favorite shoe stores). Give me a call and we can set up a date.
Love always,

Anonymous said...

Please remember that shoes are only don't marry them. Go for the change and if it doesn't work out you can always donate them them to a thrift store.

Larry Tarantino said...

There is the practical application or need for us to wear shoes or sneakers or some sort of support for our feet. That is a real need. And we must pay a sensible price for that product to fulfill that need. Then there is the immaterial side of that equation where we, as consumers, get caught up with the hype of design, shape, color, etc. of a particular object and its inherent inflated cost. At fifty three, I realize the necessity to strive to lead a more simple life. Plato told us to “know thyself.” The journey of every person includes a lifelong inquiry of that subject. And our work and hopefully what we pass along to our children are testimony to that effort. However, once in a while, we need to splurge or make ourselves feel good. Whether that be ordering an immensely delicious and expensive bottle of wine or buying that pair of shoes to wear to a nice restaurant or event. However, we must not fall into the trap that so many of us do in thinking that it is only in these material things will we find true and consistent happiness. As you have so brilliantly written in this journal, we know what it is truly important in this life. I’m so happy and delighted to read that your loved ones are healing with time.
Bless them and you.

johandav said...

To all my dear bloggies,

Ernie and Lorraine : as usual, your gentleness is a blessing!

Denise P.: I love MaryJanes too!

Sarah: I remember when you went through your beads phase. You've always been great at trying new things!

M.A. : One thing I'm always happy with is YOU!

Anonymous: I am a frequent flyer at Jezreel international, where all my clothes wind up for someone far away to wear. But I think you're right, crazy shoes that don't work might do well at a local thrift store...

Tracy: I know I'm in the big leagues when I get invited to go shopping with You! Love you girl!

Larry T.: You have no idea how happy I was to read your comment! Contentment can't be purchased, you're so right! ONly relationship with God and man can bring joy. Sending lots of love to you and yours!

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


Sandy said...

By all means get the pointy shoes in celebration of all the good things that have been bestowed upon you and yours. I don't think there is any debate . . . and go for the red ones if you want - live it up - it is good for the soul sometimes to just do something completely out of the ordinary and you have a good soul.