Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update 3/13/10 Day 124

Dear friends,
I made a lasagna to beat the band tonite. No kidding, it was delicious. My lasagna is like my hair; you never know from one time to the next how it will come out. It was a good night for a home run too, since my nephews, my brothers and my sweet sister in law Kathy were all here for dinner. Sarge also stayed, after Joe worked for him this afternoon. Joe drove home in Sarge's car. Earlier today I took him on the highway for the first time. After all the hoopla of the past 4 months, I think I should have gotten a gold star for bravery! Sixteen years old, father and sister nearly died in a car wreck, and mom is the copilot for speeds of 65 mph. Good thing all my trust is in God! (He did a terrific job, by the way. I think the events of our recent past have permanently impacted him as a defensive driver. I hope so.)

The early morning was so wonderfully quiet today. Stephen went to a men's breakfast with the excellent fellows at DFG, and I was home, puttering around, drinking coffee, reading and enjoying the absolute peace of sleeping children and solitude. Solitude. It was something the people of our distant past came by much more easily. Don't get me wrong. I am not in the camp of those who want the Little House on the Prairie days. I like indoor plumbing, electric blankets and polio vaccines. But there was something about the intrusion of the industrial and technological world that made it harder to find the quiet place where the Great One is found. A million distractions, even in our own homes, can take us away from the peace of fellowship with our Creator, or even from the discomfort of self examination; both of which are necessary to what the true life is all about. So I was grateful for the hour of gentle silence that came as a gift I didn't anticipate. The real discipline is to enforce a space for that same solitude every day. To breathe the air of what's truly lasting instead of checking facebook, or watching the news, or forwarding a text. None of these things are wrong! But they can actually be the "little foxes" that wreck the garden. We've got to fight for what is eternal. All the fluff comes easy. Believe me, I'm not preaching to you, but to myself...
Quote by Hannah Rejoice to Mom: "I want to go shopping with someone who wants to go shopping. Which means I don't want to go shopping with you..."

Intelligent girl. Perceptive girl. Hit the nail on the head girl.

Losing an hour of sleep tonite. Positively unfair. But in a world of unfair, this one ranks about 5 million on the list. I'll be happy when the sun is shining at 6pm. Can't have everything.

No movies on tap tonite, but I've got about 20 screwball comedies from the 30's and 40's I'm about to que up on Netflix. Really enjoying that book I told you about. There are a number of Cary Grant pictures I haven't seen yet. I thought I'd seen them all, or just about. I'll be sad when the Netflix subscription runs out. See, this is how they rope you in. Get it as a gift, and then they've got ya. Well, I won't be pushed around. I won't be lured by advertising. I won't weaken... will I?

Have yourself some peace and quiet. The Great One loves your company.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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