Friday, March 19, 2010

3/19/10 Day 130

Dear friends,

Holy smoke, what a day! Warm, sunny, mild - and the crocuses are going mad in the front of my house. It was a day you wanted to get up in the morning. It almost made you forget there ever was a winter, (till you saw the old, filthy snowbanks still holding out in the Walmart parking lot). We attended a wonderful bonfire at the home of Jon Michael the Kind and Marcia the Tender Hearted. (By the way, a perfect quote from Brother Bob: "Everything burns"). And he means it... It was a day that was like a kiss from heaven, a reminder that nothing ever stays the same. The ice melts, the leaves grow back, the world recovers from it's annual near death experience. Praise God, who does all things well. Even when we don't understand it all.

So I'm thinking about that funny quote "Everything burns", and as usual I'm thinking it to death. But it is so true in so many ways. We're here on planet earth for our 5 minutes, and then we're gone. And all the "stuff" - it's all gonna burn. The bed you're sleeping on tonite will most likely be in the landfill in 50 years, and the tv you're watching will be obsolete, and your shoes will be out of style. And I pondered what it always comes back down to in the end: relationship. Relationship with God and man. The only thing that's going to last are the eternal things the Great One made to last. And that's you. And me. So let's not value what is worthless and devalue what is precious. Once again, it's me I'm talking to. You just hear me thinking out loud...

Smitty may need a trip to Dr. Bagchi's office next week if his knee doesn't improve. He says it feels like it's not in the joint properly. When he had the fixator removed, Dr. B. did try to readjust his joint, but said it wasn't in perfectly. The injuries to Steve's legs were really bad. They took a sound beating. And the perfection of joint design, though not easily upset, is definitely hammered by 6600 pounds of metal hurtling at you at 70 miles per hour. The fact that he can walk at all is miraculous. Let's just keep praying for those legs to be knit back together right. The healing process requires patience.

Kind of a short post today. I'm tired, and there's a chocolate chip muffin waiting for me on the kitchen counter. Tomorrow I'm hoping to do a little bit of yard work, and the beautiful Jessica is coming over to do some crazy thing with Miss Rejoice's hair. I've got a couple of extra kids overnight, and there's no doubt they will be awake long after I'm sleeping...

Enjoy the first day of spring, friends. Share it with a dear one. That will not burn. Those are the things that last...

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Anonymous said...

Hey Girlfriend:

You've got it goin' on with the remarks about relationships. Funny you should say so. I've been on this "what should I do when I grow up?" kick lately, so I've been looking through course offering catalogs at different colleges, and nothing - NOTHING - suits me. Nothing floats my boat AT ALL. So, I'm wondering, "What DO I do well, and what do I WANT to do well?" RELATIONSHIPS!! That's the only thing that comes to mind, and I'm kind of happy (even though I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up - oh yeh, we talked about this, didn't we?)because, like you said, relationships are the only things that are really going to last. Everything does burn - completely. We need each other if we're going to make it on this planet - it's a rough road out there - and I need to put as much time and effort as possible nurturing those whom I love and care for, or have the potential to love and care for. It's the only thing that works. It's the only thing that is fireproof. I love you, friend. XXOO Mar