Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update 3/27/10 Day 138

Dear friends,
Houston, we have liftoff. Stephen Smith now has his own car once again. It's charming little Honda Civic, and will transport him very nicely back and forth to work. If you follow this blog, you know we purchased it from Steve's cousin, the great Peggy Ann, who is as kind and caring a soul as you'll find on God's green earth. Here is a photo of P.A., Sharon the Cheerful, Aunt Peggy (who is not 87, by the way, she's 88!), and the man himself. We met them in Newburgh, NY and had a little visit at a restaurant there. A total pleasure! P.A. put so much into that car before selling it to us, she most certainly lost money on the deal. Please disregard her Yankees sweatshirt. Even the best of them have their flaws...

On the way home I popped in an older CD by Point of Grace, and played my favorite song by them, "Steady On". Listen to these lyrics:

"Steady me, when the road ahead gets rocky
Ready me, for the fears I cannot see
Lord won't you let me be a witness to your promise
Won't you steady me... Lead me, Steady On..."
I have been a witness to His promise, and He has steadied me on the rocky road. I was living the high life driving home in my Dodge Caravan, feeling a joy money can't buy, looking at deer on the side of the road made golden by the 6:30 sun, and knowing that no worldly pleasures can match the absolute jubilation of living life with God. Believe me, I don't say this arrogantly. I say it full of gratitude, because I know myself far too well. This very morning, I woke up with fear coursing through my veins. I run some nasty specials. It's only the Great One who can lift us up beyond our normal responses. I know I'll struggle with stuff til the day I die, but I also know He'll be there to lead me steady on. Later on in the song the lyrics say:

"As the narrow road gets crowded, Lord, won't you lead me steady on..."

I love that the narrow road can be crowded. And that when I start veering off, folks like you grab me by the collar and pull me back on. Thanks for having my back.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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