Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update 3/7/10 16 weeks since crash

Dear friends,

The pork chops were tough tonite, but the day was tender! And did you notice at 5:45 it was still light outside? Absolutely inspiring. Sixteen weeks ago it was dark at 5:17 pm when Steve and Hannah were in a catastrophic car wreck. At that time, the days were getting shorter. The darkness was closing in. Now the curtain is rising on the spring equinox, and the days are getting blessedly longer. It's all so allegorical for me. Darkness continues to turn to light, a few minutes at a time. We still have many miles to go in this recovery. But alot of ground has been covered. Hercules walked the neighborhood again today, chatting with our neighbors who are coming out of their winter hibernation just like we are. And Hannah Mary Rejoice went shopping for eye makeup to brighten her up for spring. Sixteen weeks ago her eye was being stitched and her orbital bone was broken. Praise the Great One for all His mighty works!

In church today we sang one of my favorite hymns, "Before the Throne of God Above". Look for it on YouTube if you've never heard it. (As an aside, our Youth Pastor and worship leader Greg Falco is not only an amazing human being, he is some kick-butt musician! That piano sounds like musical chocolate when he plays! ) Here's my favorite part:

"Because a sinless Savior died,
My sinful soul is counted free
For God the Just is satisfied
To look on Him and pardon me,
To look on Him and pardon me."

The old hymns are packed with doctrine and stand as beautiful reminders of the great truths of the word of God. It's been said that during the dark ages the hymns held the church together. So many people were unable to read, and great superstition and error abounded. But the common folk would sing the hymns and be reminded of the reality of the gospel. God always finds a way, doesn't He? Nothing can stop him from reaching the human heart with the hope of forgiveness and pardon. Given my own track record, I am beyond grateful that "my sinful soul is counted free!" God is just and merciful at the same time. Too amazing. I hope you get a chance to hear this song as Easter approaches. It kind of sums up the great hope we have in Christ. I'll never, ever get tired of thinking about the riches to be found in the Man of Galilee.

Back to therapy tomorrow. So much of life is done in the routine of the everyday. My routines are much different than they were 16 weeks ago, but they are routines none the less. Hannah has yet another dentist appointment to deal with her partial, which continues to give her grief. Gentle Dr. Taranto told us from the beginning that she will need continual adjustments as she goes along. I wish she had her own teeth. I wish it with all my heart. But this is a trial she must endure, and she has done it graciously. I'd give her my teeth if I could. But they wouldn't fit anyway. Besides, mine are coffee stained and middle aged. She really wouldn't want them. I'm not sure I'll have my own bottom ones much longer either...

I love talking to my brother in law Richard, whose exclamations of "incredible" regarding Steve and Hannah's progress always encourage me. Richard, I miss you brother! If Smitty could make the 7 hour trip we'd come to our little guest room. And Melissa, you know I always write in your book. We love our Virginia Smith's, all of them!

Who knows what another 16 weeks will bring? By then, we'll be in the heart of summer. Instead of sitting under my electric blanket (which I will try to get Steve to leave on as long as possible), I'll be cranking the air conditioner. The mosquitoes will be attacking me, and leaving Stephen alone, as is their habit. And with the unlimited grace of a merciful God, Stephen will have greater strength and endurance. I will have gone parasailing, (or at least be booked to do so somewhere), and Barrie's tomatoes will be close to ready. (By the way Pastor Dave, tell Laurie I think the swamp buggie sounds like a great idea! You can see how desperate I am for some fun!)

My dear Bloggies (is that a word? If not, it should be...), I hope you know you are in my prayers. You make my day. I wish we could all go parasailing together, in some massive, tandem thingy where we all become one big human kite. Ok, so I'm off the rails a little. Well, it beats depression and self pity. Afford me my fantasy. In heaven it could really happen. And I bet there are no mosquitoes there either.

Remember the hymn. It's totally 100% true.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

The more I read and chat with you, the more grateful I become that the Lord put us together on this long and winding road. Aside from the fact that you seem to be an adrenaline junkie (parasailing, white water rafting, oh my!!!), I think that we were cut from the same cloth - I see the same scissor markings in you as in me. My dad was a tailor, and I remember him using the jagged, saw-toothed edged scissor to cut some of his materials, and I remember trying to fit the one side of the cut into the other - a perfect fit everytime. Where the other side was open, the other side had a part to fit perfectly into it. That's like you in my life. When I have a big, gaping hole, you come along with the right words, hymn, Scripture and compassion to patch me up. Glad you're my sister - and have I ever told you that you have a way with words?!? LOL!!!!
HUGS - Mar

Mary Louise said...

That hymn got me in church too. It takes a lot to get me choked up but I had tears running down my cheek when we sang that song. I think in our desperation to flee our own sins and find God we are more vulnerable to hear His blessed voice and accept His absolutely overwhelming love. that we don't deserve. But it's there. Hallelujah.