Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update 3/23/10 Day 134

Well, hello there fellow travelers! This is Stephen tonight, filling in for Loriann because she has a splitting headache and I'm afraid the booming of the keys under her fingers would be too much for her. Instead she is lying down and watching (quietly) the wonderful 1938 film 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' with Errol Flynn, Olivia de Haviland and Basil Rathbone. I remember when the children were small they would always call this "the real Robin Hood", so as not to confuse it with the animated Disney film, which was their first experience with the story. And a great story it is, too, of good triumphing over evil and love winning out in the end.
The pictures above are of our precious David John, who was working tonight at his school at their pasta dinner/fundraiser. He (and all the rest of the children there) worked hard and did a great job. Above you can see him working the drink counter, and then sitting down with his good buddy Josh when they had a chance to feed themselves in between the five o'clock and six o'clock seatings. He's the third and last of our children to work this fundraiser at Our Savior's Lutheran School, and it was a blessing to see. The food was terrific too - David especially loved the garlic bread that was served with the meal!

Today was my second day back at work in an office, and like yesterday it went well and there was plenty of work for me to do. Yesterday on the way home from work I realized that it was March 22nd - three months to the day that I came home from Sunnyview, just in time for Christmas. I thought of how I was feeling then - still in my wheelchair and thinking I was at least two months away from even starting to put weight on my right leg. Now, three months later, I was well enough to be walking around with a cane for my support and to begin working out of my new office at my new job. As I said on my Facebook page yesterday, "GOD IS GOOD!!!" And yes, those capital letters are appropriate and practically demanded!

Loriann had another productive day with me out of the house, but in a very different way from yesterday. Instead of being the white tornado cleaning the house she was busy in a different way, first going to the Bible Study with friends and loved ones at Delmar Full Gospel and then visiting a dear friend in the emergency room at the hospital. Loriann always had a tender heart for her friends, of course, but since November 8th I'm sure she knows even more the blessing that can be had in a visit to the emergency room from someone who loves you. Please keep our dear friend Judy W. in your prayers and ask God to give her a miracle!

Tomorrow I go back to therapy for the first time in a week and hopefully I'll learn if our appeal to have additional therapy sessions is moving forward yet. I know that our Father (or The Great One as my bride calls him) is in charge and will see to it that I can get more therapy if I need it. If not, He'll continue my healing in some other way.

That will be it for tonight, friends. Tomorrow Loriann should be back, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the entry more. Know this, though - I love you guys and gals as much as she does, and feel just as privileged to walk this pilgrim road with you!



Anonymous said...

stephen, im so glad to hear from you!!! keep up the good work! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!

Anonymous said...

ALL THE TIME...HE IS GOOD! God Bless you Stephen!