Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update 3/31/10 Day 142

Dear friends,

Sometimes I'm completely befuddled by the way events can smack you hard, and make you lose your footing. You would think that living for a while with the precarious nature of life on planet earth, one would get used to its hellish turns. But one doesn't.

I learned tonite that the 50 year old brother of a very dear friend died suddenly of heart failure. His elderly parents are left to sort out the whys of this disaster, as they bury their firstborn son. This scenario repeats itself in a thousand places. If any of us are looking for security here, we can forget it. I may sound kind of pessimistic, but I don't believe I am. It's a reality I have experienced, as have many of you. The question is not, "will I be faced with something that shakes my foundations?", but when. And when I am, how do I make sense of it? Big questions, which I'm way too small to answer.

Steve had an ultrasound today by his PT, to see if anything shows up to give some insight into his knee pain. She couldn't see anything on the scan, so we may just have to take it to Dr. Bagchi for a look-see. Those blasted bones of his broke in a bunch of pieces right around the knee joint, so it's not strange that he's experiencing pain. He never complains, but I know. Let's put it this way: the man won't be trying out for the US gymnastics team, or for a part as the pratfall person in the latest goofy comedy. But it would be nice if he could lie on his side in bed without an ouch every time he turns.

On a lighter note, we bought our kids their Easter candy today. We have cut back greatly on the amount of chocolate, but the quality is now through the roof. Each child is getting a Lindt bunny and some lambs. Really, too much of that stuff is no good for them. But the good chocolate is so delicious, and they will each get a gift card to go with the yummies. The guy who sold us the chocolate was such a peach. We had a nice little conversation with him, and I wished I could cross his path again in life. It would be entirely inappropriate to invite him to our house for dinner, but that's what I felt like doing. People float my boat. I admit, some annoy me, but most enlighten me in some way or other. And I am quite sure I annoy some folks too... I know, hard to believe...

Good things today:
Saw our dear Judy W., and prayed for her with our whole cell group.
Met the candy guy.
The great Officer Ernie dropped off a couple of reports we needed. We love that cop!
Talked to our mechanic, Darlin' Derek, who inspected our Honda without a hitch.
Went to Bethlehem Library, where Sweet Sue and Smitty finally met up again!
There's more, but it might get a little long.

What do all these things have in common? Relationships! Love God, love people. The End. The Great One is complex and mighty and untamable. But He makes very clear the majors. He keeps it simple for simple folks like me. He says to me loud and clear "don't waste your life in pursuit of worthless things." I'm wanting to spend it pursuing The Lover of All Souls. And loving the souls he puts in my path. Even the ones that annoy me. Even the ones I annoy.

You all make me so glad. I pray you'll enjoy God and people greatly today. Yes, life takes hellish turns. But it also is laced with reckless joy.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



MTB Man said...

Hi, Loriann. Just wanted to let you know Sue and I have been "lurking" here, following you everyday since the "FATEFUL DAY".

We're amazed how you can write so well every day.

God bless you guys!

... Gary Halbedel

Pamm said...

Wanted to tell you thank you for giving trevor rides from your youth group - we appreciate it!
i also appreciate your posts & read them everyday - you are an encouragement to me.
We continue to pray for your family.
pamm kuhl

Stephen said...

Dear Gary and Pamm-

Thank you for the love across the cyber miles! We never would have gone this far in one piece without the mind blowing support we've had from every corner.

In your trials, my prayers.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,