Thursday, April 8, 2010

Update 4/8/10 Day 150

Dear friends,

It was one of those days (it kind of reminded me of late November/early December), when it seemed I was in the car endlessly. The van was sparkly on the outside (my boys washed it for me yesterday), but still trashed on the inside. My friends at Cole Collision are going to detail it for me in the near future, but I’m so embarrassed I think I need to clean it out before they clean it up! David told me the other day he hates cars. I think I can figure out where that’s coming from. He thinks he would be just as happy with a horse and buggy. Of course the “good ole’ days” had their own share of problems. And it would take an awfully long time to get to the beach on a horse… The weather has made me misty for Cape Cod. Since Stephen first woke up, it’s been a major goal to get his feet in the sand of Coast Guard Beach. Of course, he may look a bit scary with his crazy scars, but as I’ve said before, it just clears away a little more space for our blanket and chairs. (That WAS a joke! Sort of.) After all, it will be harder to truck down to the less crowded sections than it was before.

Miss Rejoice saw Dr. Noonan today (plastic surgeon), a very personable fellow who probably makes a lot of middle aged ladies like me (albeit much wealthier ones!) smile. While we were waiting I read some of the pamphlets about getting eyes lifted and tummies tucked and wrinkles unwrinkled. Whatever. I haven’t the energy to contemplate my unlifted eyes or my very untucked tummy. Bigger fish must be fried. Life has enough wrinkles for me to unwrinkle right now… Anyway, Dr. N. looked at that beautiful child of mine and told her he wanted to wait a while to see how well Mother Nature did the job of scar healing. She’ll go back in July for a look see, and she’ll have to be careful in the sun this summer. Scars apparently need time to “mature” before traditional or laser surgery are performed. Maybe she won’t need intervention at all. We’re still early on in this. Once again, we must wait…

I can’t help but think about that scripture: “Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” I have no opinion about cosmetic plastic surgery (unless of course it is in the harmful zone, physically or psychologically). But this is for certain; you can fix up the outside all you want, it’s still going to die someday. You can nip and tuck, and still be a complete mess on the inside. The Book also says “man looks at the outward appearance, but God sees the heart.” I’m all for looking your best and feeling chipper. But there seems to be a huge disconnect in our world. Our souls are left untended, while our bodies get notable attention at the gym, at the makeup counter, at the hairdresser. Again, don’t misunderstand me. Taking care of ourselves is a reasonable thing to do. But it seems strange that we would spend so much more time on something that could perish in a car crash, and so much less on the eternal part of us. Believe me; I’m not trying to lecture anyone! Usually when I’m lecturing someone, there’s a mirror in the vicinity. If you’ve read this blog at all you know very well that I’m first in line at the “I need mercy” door. It just kind of struck me, what with the Botox circular and all. Still, I’m most grateful for people who can fix the scars of a young girl in a terrible accident.

I hope you all are greatly blessed, inside and out. You certainly make my "smile lines" come out.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Smith!

It's Dan from England, and I was just reading your most recent blog. Right now, I am on a "Holliday" as these Brits call it, and after waking up at 10:30 in the morning, there was nothing I would like to do more than just kick back and read how Hannah and Steve are doing. And after reading the part about the scriptures and how you can polish your outside but your inside may die, I thought of one of my many new friends here. She was considered pretty good among her friends, right up until she told them that she was a christian. She was very pretty then, but she let her life bother her a bit. She doesn't use much makeup now (hardly any!), and she doesn't care much about what she wears anymore (she still does, just not in her desiner girl type things and she doesn't, like, show them off as much), but I know her well and I know that she is a very good christian, and has gone through a couple of hard times lately. And still, I (and some other friends who tell her not to beat herself up so much) think she is still quite pretty. I think that this is a good verse to share with her.

Thank you for making my day on a sunny Friday afternoon!


MTB Man said...

I once had a dentist who always tried to sell me some expensive work with "it'll be an investment". I thought, that's a lousy investment that will go to the grave with me. I can't leave my teeth to my kids!

... Gary H