Monday, April 12, 2010

Update 4/12/10 Day 154

Dear friends,

The Smith family is on the lookout for a kitten. Last October, when Charcoal died, we told the kids we would get a new, very young kitten come spring. Well, spring has come, so the search for a companion for the great Cosette is on. Personally, I wouldn't mind getting a dog. But that's an argument I'm going to lose, and really, there are plenty of good reasons not to get one. But I do love those loyal pups, who seem always happy to be alive. Perhaps you've heard this perfect quote before: "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff." That about sizes it up purrfectly.

Stephen kept the Dynasplint on ALL NIGHT last night! Let's hear it for the boy. And it was the extension brace, which hurts more than the flexion brace. Usually, in the middle of the night I hear the sounds of Velcro detaching, and I know he's had enough. Both pieces of equipment have to go back to the company in May, so Smitty's doing his best to stretch while he can. We'll see how well it's working when Sweet Sandy measures his range of motion angles. She manually stretches his elbow and shoulder as well, and does a mighty good job of it. So glad to have that dear girl in our lives! She's an absolute peach.

The kids were back at school today, and I missed their presence (if not their messes!) around the house. Hannah got home and went straight to practicing her guitar. David had musical practice, so he didn't get home until almost 5! Joe had tennis practice (his first match is tomorrow), and I picked him up at 5:15, so I was so happy when we sat down for baked chicken together. Listen, it isn't the Waltons, but I simply enjoy being near them all in the evening. It's that recurring theme the Great One has me on: relationship is priority. Since the accident, our relationships have changed. It can't be helped when you go through such a life altering experience. Sometimes I get sad about the change, but we still all love each other! We're just learning how to find our way in the altered landscape of our new reality. Sometimes it's subtle. Other times glaring. But at all times, the Father of All relationships is the compass. He's bringing us up our mountain, and we're going to make it. I'll bet things will look a lot different a year from now. The nature of life is change. Ours may have been dramatic over a short period of time, but I know all of you are ever adjusting to something or other. An older child moves out, a new baby comes in, a job is changed, someone dies, someone gets sick, someone takes a pay cut, someone gets a raise...there is always something going on that is out of our control. One thing stays the same, though. We were made for relationship. First with our Creator, then with His creation. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself." You want peace? That's the simple truth of it. Simple, not necessarily easy....

David is reading the comics, which reminds me I'm halfway through a Betty and Veronica comic book. I never, ever read the funnies before the accident. Ask my family. I read the editorial page, and the news, but not the comics. Then one day I really sensed the Great One saying "You've got to lighten up. Read the funnies." I'm not kidding. No audible voice from heaven or anything, just that inward voice that moves in our minds. And I really think for my intense personality, Betty and Veronica are just what the doctor ordered. But I honestly don't know what those girls see in Archie...

I'm kind of scattered today, going from kittens to Dynasplints to Betty and Veronica. Sorry about that, friends. As I've said from the beginning, I'm not looking for a Pulitzer prize here. Just writing what's real. I know sometimes it gets a little dopey. Thanks for listening. Again and again.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Jessica said...

I volunteer for the Saratoga County Animal Shelter in the Clifton Park Center. I think they have an 'open house' every Saturday and they ALWAYS have kittens. It's right in the center by Marshalls and all that. Good luck on the kitten search!