Friday, April 23, 2010

Update 4/23/10 Day 165

Dear friends,
Good gravy, I'm losing it. Too much to do in one day! I snuck off for a couple of minutes to check in and say hello, but this may be my shortest post ever. Steve's Mom and sister Debbie are here (and staying tonite), and his sister Laura Jeanne, her husband David and their 3 kids are here too (staying in a hotel after dessert). We've drummed up a cockamamie story about why I'm going out early tomorrow morning (to set up for the big surprise). I really am so very happy for Smitty's mom. It was a terrible 5 plus months for her. She seems clueless about the big plan, and certainly has no idea her brother and sisters will be here. The Great One has blessed her with many years and many children, and also many grandchildren (Joseph being the first!) Please pray for all to go smoothly. I'm a little off the hook. Poor Steve...

I'm sure if you asked my mother in law, she would tell you those 80 years went by like a shot. Another reminder to me of the brevity of life, and the singular need to keep my priorities straight. As the book says, we have "seventy years, eighty if we are strong...". I want to live it, love while I'm here, and die well. Only locked on to His grace can I navigate the pilgrim road. If I live to be 80, I want to still be saying "The Great One is Unrivaled." As an old song says "He's the all time, undisputed, undefeated champion of love..." No matter the birthday, there is One who knows us from womb to tomb. May He be praised forever!

They're all clapping to Nicole's song and dance performance out there, so I better get back to the festivities. I posted a photo of Steve and his twin brother John and sister Debbie for your viewing pleasure. Can you guess which one is Hercules? I'll let you know tomorrow:)

Love you to bits!

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Anonymous said...

I say the little guy in the middle is Steve - same smile as the picture of your family on the blog site. What a bunch of cuties in both pics! Have a great time today celebrating your mother-in-law's 80 years. Give her a kiss from me, even though I'm certain she won't remember me. And just a hint: We gave my mother a surprise 70th and she needed a nitroglycerin right there after we said, "Surprise!", and Anthony's grandmother was given a surprise
90th, and was in bed for a month from the shock (even though we told her on the way to the restaurant what was waiting for her). Ease her into it for the sake of her health, but have fun!