Sunday, April 4, 2010

Update 4/4/10 20 weeks since crash

Dear friends,
I hope your spirits matched the weather today because we were talking a number 10! When I get nostalgic about Easters past, I often remember patent leather shoes and sunny days. More likely than not, my memory is skewed. I bet most of my Easters were typical northeastern March or April days - cloudy, cool and a bit gloomy. But it's the sunny ones I recall. And the ones with snow measured in feet! Actually, my most memorable Easter happened when I was about 8 or 9. I woke my mother up to tell her the cat had kittens...on the kitchen table.

I did have to work at the hospital this evening. (It never closes, you know). I've kind of run out of time off (as I'm sure you can imagine), but I did go to church this morning with my family, and sister in law and nephews. Lori helped Steve with the ham and fixin's, while I went to the hospital. I am grateful people were working on Thanksgiving Day when my Hercules was so very ill. And I am blessed to work with the cream of the crop at Albany Med. So no complaints. None at all.

It's late Sunday night, and I'm going to bed soon. I'm sort of in that "too tired to sleep" spot, so perhaps a little Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in "Easter Parade" can be the tranquilizer of choice tonite. I love the part where they sing "We're a Couple of Swells" in their hobo suits. Make fun of me all you like, I love those 40's movies. I think I would have liked the 40's. Except for no vaccines. And terrible discrimination. And an horrific war. Ok, maybe not...

I'll take the time I live in. After all, the Great One "sets the exact times and places where we shall live". We were put here, like Queen Esther was during the reign of that fickle king, "for such a time as this". He even knew the events to occur 20 weeks ago, and all that would transpire because to them. I have trouble wrapping my head around the swirling happenings on this cosmic ball. But as each day goes by, and the madness in our little corner of the Universe increases, I find my undependable heart becoming just a little more focused on what really matters. The Spirit of the Living God does what He promised: leads us, step by step, into all truth. The steps may be wobbly, but the Leader is secure.

Smitty's off to work tomorrow, the kids are home, and the pilgrim road lies ever before us. By the way, I've posted a picture of my beautiful babies. My earthly treasures. Worth a bazillion dollars, times infinity.

Love to all of you, dear friends. Tune in tomorrow for an update on our smashed up car. Even that bad boy is going to be so much of the rest of this thing.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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