Saturday, April 24, 2010

Update 4/24/10 Day 166

Dear friends,

The Great One shined down on us today in ways too many to be counted. The theme He has replayed over and over for me in the past 5 plus months plus made its round again in the form of Smitty's mother's 80th birthday. That truth: Relationships are the central orb of life. First with God. Then with the other people who dwell here below with us during our short waltz on planet earth.

Fourteen cousins who see each other fairly infrequently because of distance, were as usual best friends for the day. Brothers and sisters of multiple generations shared those wonderful inside jokes and stories from their childhood (like the one about Steve's twin brother's "french fry cake", a result of John baking with his mom's leftover Crisco in the fridge that she reused to fry potatoes). Aunt's Doris, who is one of the most generous souls inhabiting this cosmic ball, reminisced about her many travels with her sisters and brothers which she both organized and funded. (Though she would never tell you about the latter). Steve's Uncle Tom was the life of the party as is typical of him, and was found washing dishes toward the end of the day in the kitchen. Everyone was filled with joy, no one more than my mother in law, and I know a great deal of that hard earned happiness was a result of the many hard spent tears from that fateful day in November... It really was uplifting in a "open the window and let in some fresh air" kind of way to see my husband and daughter enjoying their simple lives, with the people they love and in the wake of truly miraculous recoveries. Though Steve couldn't play the rough and tumble games with the kids today, and though the road to wellness is still ongoing, we felt the most blessed of people. "If God is for us, who can be against us?" He is so very for us, friends. You all know families have their ups and downs, their relationship struggles, their misunderstandings and their hurts. But if we do what Jesus says, forgive and love, there can be grace and peace. And lots of fun! I am privileged to be related to these folks.

Having said all that, I am glad to be home, without planning or plotting in front of me. My pillows await, and maybe a little DVD of "The Life of Riley" before I sleep. My nephew and niece, Benjamin and Monica are sleeping over before heading back to Virginia in the morning. And Stephen's mom will go to bed tonight, having experienced the greatest of joys for her: time with all of her children.

By the way, Smitty was the twin on the far right in yesterday's photo. Check out how much he looks like David too. We really are "fearfully and wonderfully made."

To all my brother and sister in laws who read this blog, and to Smitty's aunts and uncles and cousins who do the same, I love you! Thanks for making a beautiful memory for all of us. And to the rest of you precious Bloggies who hang with me here in cyberspace, I love you too. Our party is coming...

Hope you like the photo of Steve with his mom. She's so happy he's alive to celebrate her 80th. And the other picture is of the 14 grandchildren. We were fruitful, and multiplied!

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Sandy said...

You made it before we got home!! Great post as usual - the pictures came out fabulous!! The Syracuse Smith's were so happy to share this wonderful day with you and your family and all of the other wonderful Smith families - it was a day we will all remember for a very long time. Thank God we could all spend it together.