Saturday, April 3, 2010

Update 4/3/10 Day 145

Dear friends,
A little Easter Egg coloring was on the agenda today. My babies never seem to get too old for this spectral tradition.

Dynasplint is not necessarily "dyn-no-mite". (Remember Jimmy Walker from Good Times? If you do, you're not part of the younger set that follows this blog...) Stephen has not been able to keep the thing on all night long, which is the optimal course. In particular, the extender (the one that straightens his arm), is the most uncomfortable. So, we're asking for prayers again for that, and for that uncooperative right knee, which locked right up on the man today during a walk with Miss Rejoice. Hercules even mentioned today his continued hope for full restoration. We are, of course, incredibly grateful for the mobility and quality of life Smitty has. But I know it is frustrating for him at times to be physically limited. He was a strider, and for now, he has to be content with being a plodder. You won't hear him complain, though. I see him wince, and he tells me he's fine. I hear him groan a bit when changing position, and he says he's fine. If you see me wince, I'll give you a five minute story on my aches and pains. He's a good example for me. He endures. And he remains cheerful...

Stephen said tonite "not everything goes in a straight line." He was referring to the 2 steps forward, 1 step back nature of this entire recovery process. Both Steve and Hannah are familiar with it. Truth be told, our whole family has done this shuffle for the past 5 months. I see it too in our walk with the Great One. At times, ground is gained, faith is fortified, and truth settles in, bringing with it a deep, restoring peace. Then, prosperity or adversity come along to test the virtue, to see how dug in it really is, and we discover the pilgrim road is long, and requires repentance, restoration and endurance. By God's sometimes bewildering grace we get there, but Stephen is right. Not everything goes in a straight line.

I made The Chocolate Chip Scones tonite. (It almost seems there should be a drum roll at the mention of them!) You make these confectionery delights the evening before, and leave them, unbaked, in the fridge overnight. On Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas morning, they are popped into the oven upon rising, and served warm with the beverage of choice (mine-coffee, everyone else, chocolate milk). I so wish I could share these scones with you. They're like delicious on steroids. All I can say is yum. Double yum. With all of life's troubles, there are still Chocolate Chip Scones from Plum's in New York (it's their recipe). It simply wouldn't be a major holiday around here without them.

I got some fancy heeled sandals at Payless today ($12.99 on sale!). You guys have really broken me loose with the whole shoe thing. I think I'm in the process of a major shoe breakthrough. Like maybe a really bright colored, patent leather something or other. Such freedom!

Tomorrow is the day we celebrate the grandest event in history. I absolutely love Easter Sunday. Good Friday was payday for our unpayable debt. Resurrection Sunday is the eternal receipt, not only of redemption, but eternal life. In reality, the redeemed can call every day resurrection day. I love that the poorest soul in Calcutta and Bill Gates on his private island are all invited to come, and trade their old, broken nature, for a new, eternal one. It's been said, "the ground is level at the foot of the cross". I have found it to be so. But the road from the cross to the glory, that's a different story. It's bumpy, it's rocky," it doesn't go in a straight line".

Have a beautiful Easter, my beloved friends. He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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