Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update 4/28/10 Day 170

Dear friends,
Thank you for your kind and beautiful messages to Hannah today. Between the comments, emails and Facebook, not to mention Generation Church tonite, Miss Rejoice is being submerged in love from all sides. What a special birthday for a sparkling light.

I made a vat of homemade spaghetti sauce today, Hannah's favorite and high on the list for the other Smitty's in these parts. Thank goodness I spent an hour on the elliptical this morning, because the pail of pasta I ate for dinner is probably good for double that amount of workout time. At least I avoided the donut/coffee trap this morning for breakfast. But there's always tomorrow...

Tonite's post is going to be short. My brother is in town from Massachusetts, and yesterday's entry was on the long side. Tomorrow's post promises to be quite long, quite long indeed. Hopefully though, it will edify and inform, as much as is possible for my mortal powers anyway.

Above is a photo of Tom Terrific, more living proof of the kindness and love we continue to receive while we tackle the challenges of everyday life. He put in a shower bar for Smitty, so he can take a shower standing up now. Tom is one of the kindest, dearest folks you'll ever meet, as is his other half, Lovely Lucy. These are the people I told you about who have adopted 4 foster children, and they were already in or closing in on the nifty fifty club when they launched out on that stretch of pilgrim road.

In particular tonite, I want to thank once again my outstanding spiritual kin at Delmar Full Gospel Church for their enduring, plucky love for us played out through hundreds of kindnesses by a wide range of personalities. You all have been what Jesus talked about when He said "Love one another as I have loved you." Our little community isn't perfect, but it is a place of profound love. And isn't that what church is supposed to be? I love that we aren't cookie cutters of one another. That some like the country and some the city. That some prefer pie and some cake. That some like rock and roll and some like Gaither (Brother Barrie!). That some are carpenters and some gardeners, some keep the wheels turning in factories and warehouses, and some can make a simple piece of cloth something beautiful. The more free we are to be who we are, the more God can show Himself in His wide ranging spectrum of color and light. The past almost six months have been absolutely extraordinary. I'm changed by all of you forever. There are no words to tell you how grateful I am, but I can hope you know.

May He who reigns forever give all of you the matchless gift of His presence. Forget all the stuff this world says to clamor for. You can lose it in a red hot minute. Find someone who needs a shower bar, or a cup of coffee, or good joke. Whatever is done for the Great One will last. Forever.
Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Anonymous said...

Never under estimate your mortal powers, you continue to inspire. This pilgrim road has changed many of us.