Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update 4/13/10 Day 155

Dear friends,

Working at the hospital tonite, my coworker Cara the Kind showed me a little saying she keeps in front of her. Holy cow, this is for me:

“Lord, fill my mouth with worthwhile stuff,
And nudge me when I’ve said enough.”

I’m a communicator by nature. I was born to talk. (I passed this DNA on to my oldest child). But knowing when to stop talking, that’s my weakness. (Ditto on the firstborn). Hopefully as I walk the pilgrim road mile after mile I will be more able to hear the Great One’s voice saying “Speak now. Shut thee up now.” I’m truly grateful for the tolerant family and friends He has put in my life who graciously put up with me while I learn and grow. Especially Smitty. No one has had to be as gracious as him.

On the subject of Smitty, if I could just brag on him for a moment… This man is as excellent as they come. I’ve already told you, he never complains. But way beyond that, he is always looking for ways to serve and love his family and others. Every morning I smell the coffee brewing that he set up the night before. (How I missed that when he was gone for almost 2 months!) He checks baby boy’s math homework each evening, providing instruction when the little whiz misses a beat. He cooks supper on the nights I’m out at the hospital, and cleans up the kitchen after the kids clear the table. No one makes me laugh more than him. I’d tell you about his “imaginary character”, but I don’t want anyone to call the psych unit on us. Mostly, he is willing to do a million little, unseen things to make our lives sweeter. All in the middle of a huge recovery. Blood vessels are still healing. The lymphatic system in his legs is still repairing itself. (His swelling in the evening is way down from 6 weeks ago!) His bones are still healing. Apparently once the bone cells replace themselves, there is a whole process of reforming that goes on for a long time. In other words, bones not only heal, they get back as close as possible to a normal, smooth shape. With injuries like Steve’s, some of that process is iffy. Areas around his knee and elbow joints don’t align perfectly. Let’s face it, his brother Richard is right when he says we’ll have to dress him in red for the family football games. He may not be able to play this year, but just wait til next year! Hercules is so determined and optimistic, and His God is so great, I’m expecting him to run a few touchdowns.

My emotions continue to run hot and cold, but isn’t that just life? Some days I’m really struggling to hang tight to the truth: “God works all things together for good for those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Other times, I’m wildly grateful and exceedingly hopeful. I’m a mixed bag. I guess we all are. Except the Great One, in whom there is “no shadow of turning.” Hallelujah!

Things to look forward to:
Tulips coming up in Washington Park
Nursing Supervisor Joe D. making Blondies next Tuesday (YUM)
Stephen’s Mom turns 80 on April 24 (a surprise birthday party with all the Smitties, shhh…)
Hannah Rejoice turns 15 on April 28 (She's amazing!)
Jack Bauer will no doubt save the world before the end of May
Lunch with M.A. on Friday (she manages to do healthy and delicious)
David John to make his debut in Our Savior’s school musical
Joe sings in the Columbia talent show (mother not allowed)

Let me know what you’re looking forward to. I would love to know. It’s fun to anticipate things. But every minute is a gift. Now is oh so good. I think it’s time for me to “shut thee up”.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Barbara said...

Loriann..regarding Jack,I hate to be pessimistic, but why did they kill his girlfriend (what's her name?). Do you think they all will be killed off, thus the show has to end??
I look forward to being outdoors, tulips, sunshine, ice cream.
I just finished reading "In an Instant"...maybe you shouldn't read it, there's so much like your tragedy in it. It did give so much insight into emotions that come with very difficult times and events in o ur lives.
God bless you. Barbara

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to:

Heaven, most of the time. As I get older, more and more each day.

Consistent spring weather. Days like today.

Lunch on Friday with my bestest bud (that would be YOU!).

Playing in a worship service with my favorite musician - Gary Tash, and getting the opportunity to write songs with him.


Anonymous said...

things to look forward to... daugher's first school dance, son getting his license, son Passing 10th grade, hubby's air conditionin getting fixed in his car.. going to Orlando to hang with the family... PRICELESS..
And of course My pilgrim friends daily postings..

Much love

Steve and Hannah said...

Dear Barbara, MA and anonymous,

Thank you for your comments. Barb, I don't know why poor Jack never gets a break. MA, I'm so with you on the heaven front. Anonymous, can I go in your suitcase to Orlando? I hope you get a chance to see that faboulous Mouse while you're there!