Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update 1/5/10 Day 58

Dear friends,

The deed is done. Miss Clairol peered at me from inside the bathroom cabinet. "Come hither, come hither" she called. So I put on those crummy plastic gloves and mixed up her magic, then promptly squirted a big glob of it on my original rubber asbestos floor (circa 1951). Rubber asbestos is very unforgiving. That glob will outlive the Galapagos tortoises. That glob will taunt me every time I brush my teeth. That glob will be uglifying my already ugly bathroom floor long after the wheelchair, walker and shower bench are gone. But, in the words of my 16 year old, "whatever". Big whoop. The hair is done. The floor was done a long time ago.

Stephen's shoulder rotated further than it has since November 8. It's quite stiff, but it's getting up there! His elbow has a very limited range of motion, but he was able to throw a Nerf ball today using some nifty wrist action. My darling Hercules is giving it his all. He's emptying the dishwasher, making his own eggs in the morning, and even washing pots in the sink! All from the wheelchair. He really is remarkable. It stops me in my tracks to see all the Great One has done for us. If you really want to see me do a Cheshire cat grin, wait till the man gets up and walks on 2 legs. Another 7-8 weeks until he can begin to bear weight on the right side. We're having a party when the fixator comes off. I'm not kidding.

I think David will miss having the wheelchair around the house. Whenever Dad's not in it, he's zooming about. The child is so absolutely adorable! (Good thing he doesn't read the blog. 12 year old boys positively reject the term adorable in reference to them. Still, momma knows what momma knows...) My youngest is some kind of wonderful present from God. He has a heart of pure gold, and cares so deeply about his Dad and sister. As far as he's concerned, his older brother is a member of the Trinity. He also constantly forgets to put his dirty clothes in the wash, pick up his Lego's, and bring home his hat and gloves from school. We're all such a mixed bag, aren't we? Magnificent and foolish. Lofty and lowly. How the Great One loves us, and how He must laugh!

My heart is full from the word of God in the book of Esther today. What a woman! It's one of those times when the words leaped off the page and made sense for my life. Tomorrow, after I've had a chance to absorb it, I'll try to succinctly share the wonder of which I've gotten just a peek. I'm humbled to understand anything at all. God is way big, and I am way small. But He loves to communicate. That's His whole gig. Since creation. When the world ends. It's all about relationship, not religion.

So I'm dying for the return of Jack Bauer and the final season of 24. Stephen and I have been fans since the first season, and we've seen Jack rise from the ashes many a time. Steve has said there should be a tee shirt with Jack's face on it saying " I saved the world from death and destruction multiple times and all I got was this lousy tee shirt..." We love Jack because he saves the day. He puts himself last. He always helps the weak. He sacrifices his own desires to make a way for someone else. He's a loyal friend, a selfless hero and an iconic strong man. We love his story because it unearths the longing in all of us for the reality that all stories ultimately imitate in some way. Our hearts long for someone who saves, delivers and gives himself away. Every great hero is a type for the True Cosmic Hero...

If I haven't mentioned it lately, thank you. I absolutely love you all as much as ever. So does the True Cosmic Hero.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anna said...

Dear sweet Loriann,

I so love reading your blog each day... getting the all important news about Steve and Hannah, sharing with us the treasures of your love and faith in God, and your gift of prose. Your words paint a picture for me that I can mull over and then create a vision in my mind. I could never express my thoughts as beautifully as yours...God has truly blessed you with a gift that is reaching so many people! I remember seeing Steve and Hannah for a brief moment the day after the accident...I wanted to be present to pray over them and support you. It is truly awe-inspiring what God has done, is doing and will be doing in the future with your beloved family. In the midst of all this tragedy, God has not only carried Steve and Hannah down the pilgrim road, but He has given them wings to fly! Surely it is amazing to see His outpouring of blessings and mercy over your family. Praise be to God now and forever!!!

(If you do write a book, what will you call it.....How does On the Pilgrim Road sound?

And yes, I'm also anticipating the return of Jack Bauer..love the series.

Your sister in Christ,
Anna Bray

Jessica said...

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pamm kuhl said...

Thank you for your faithful updates - it helps our family to better pray for yours. I thank you again for sharing from your heart & you are an encouragement to the rest of us on our own journeys! I have to agree that a book will be in order - you are a wonderful writer. God is great-

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Awesome really is Awesome! It's my secret weapon! They also sell it at Dollar Tree!!
Just chcking ion to say that I especially loved the post today! It's so very "Loriann"! You refresh my soul!