Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update 1/20/10 Day 73

Dear friends,

If only I had my camera today at the eye clinic. The contraptions on Stephen's head made him look like something out of a Jerry Lewis Nutty Professor movie. I actually laughed at the poor man, there in his fixator, stuck in the chair. He really did look like a robot between the scaffolding on his leg and the goofy looking metal circles around his eyes. Good thing the husband has an excellent sense of humor, with his life's companion chuckling while he is poked and prodded yet again. We learned Steve has astigmatism on his cornea, and most likely his brain was able to compensate for it prior to the concussion. So the blurriness is probably caused by something that was already there (since there was no trauma to the eye), but was previously dealt with by the brain. He sees a "cornea specialist" in a few weeks, and then he'll be getting glasses. How awesome is the human body, that corneas are complex enough to merit a specialty?

Since my freezer broke last week, it was the vacuum cleaner's turn today. Must everything happen at once? Still, lets keep perspective. Remember Haiti, Loriann. Remember Haiti.

Today's exciting outing was to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. First I went to the dreaded Walmart (remember the Drano story?), but there was an hour wait and we had to get to Sunnyview on time. So, not trusting Walmart to get done in a timely fashion, I branched out. I even got a new rear window washer blade since the other one hasn't worked in a month. I was delighted to find I get a free car wash with my oil change (I was only 1,000 miles over), and believe me when I tell you the van is standing in the need.

As many of you already know, tomorrow is the Fixator Freedom Fiesta for all of us cyber pals. Please celebrate with us! Say an extra thank you to the Great One tomorrow for all He has done! Go out with your favorite friend for ice cream. Crack your glasses together. Blow up a balloon. Marvelous Mike and Dear Karen gave us a gift card to Applebee's so we can celebrate. Thank you so much friends! We are hoping to go out depending on how Stephen is feeling. If he's groggy our tired we'll do it another day. Or order from Applebees Carside Pick Up. At any rate, thanks so much for all the prayers for him all along this bumpy road. His likelihood of infection was so high, and a wall of protection surrounded him, protecting his limbs. He arrives for ambulatory surgery at 8:45 am (pre op) and the procedure will commence at 10:15. The operation should take about an hour, and recovery about 90 minutes. At the end he'll wear a special brace, and the fixator will be history. I could cry thinking about it. Some of you remember him in the SICU, unconscious, with fixators on both legs. God is faithful to pull us up Recovery Mountain. This is just one more landmark along the way. How bout a Hallelujah!

And how about this: Steve shaved standing up today, first time. No little mirror at the table, but the big boy sink. He sported a grin from ear to ear. What a guy.

My heart is full of the blessings of progress, which is simply victory in increments. I do believe that Hannah will gain, and Stephen will gain, and my precious boys will gain too. I have already found the gem of joy in the mine of sorrow, and I know there are many more to uncover. I am reminded today of the countless people who have been the hands and feet of the One and Only for us. I've said it before, but it's been too long so I say it again; We can never pay it back, but my life's ambition is to have the privilege of paying it forward.

Don't forget to take a minute for a little cyber fiesta. If you feel inclined, let me know what you did. I'm asking the Great One to give you some wonderful moments tomorrow. Mine will come when the pins are out.

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up on wings, as eagles. They will run and not be weary. They shall walk, and not grow faint..."

He'll run friends. So will you!

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

Sweet, brave, courageous Lorianne,
If you'll pardon me I cried today, but they were tears of joy. Did you hear a HALLELUJAH!!!!! What a great God. We are rejoicing with all of you that the day is coming soon when you will be able to take a deep breath, let it out and not have to start running again. I could just picture that grin in front of the mirror. What joy not only for you but for Steve also. I so look forward to starting the day with you and your family. It does my heart good to read of God's wonder and faithfulness but also yours. Can't wait to read the book. For the record, we'll supply the cake on the 1st anniversary and Barb will make it with plenty of love. Our prayers are always with you. Sue

Anonymous said...

Yippee! Today is one of many-(well, every day is) monumental days of one more obstacle (literally) being eliminated! I'll be doing my cele at Starbucks with something from the 'fancy' menu :). BTW-I'll add Applebees to our mutual places of interest. One of these days Loriann...
Until then, mucho blessings to the Smith family as you journey on this road~Sue Cummings

Anonymous said...

I think I'll get my hair cut today in celebration of Steve's un-fixating (was going to wait till Saturday, but I feel like having a party). Also, I'll eat one of those fabulous muffins my daughter made last night. Putting on a few extra ounces will be worth the celebration. To top it all off, I think I'll spend some time at the piano singing to the Lord for all of His goodness to your family throughout this trial. And if all that doesn't feel like I've partied enough, there's always tomorrow...XXOO Mary Ann

Mel said...

The boys and I are going to make "make your own pizzas" tonight in honor of today's blessing! We might even make some cookies too!

Thanks so much for sharing your life with us, Loriann. It's encouraging. It helps me to remember to celebrate the small (and of course big) victories in life every day. The victory at Falcomania today? Eden ate peaches this morning without gagging or giving me that "what are you doing to me" look :)

johandav said...

Dear Sue, Sue, Mary Ann and Mel,

You have put sunshine into my day in a big way! Hurray for cake, Sue! Hurray for Starbucks, Sue C.!
Mary Ann, you absolutely slay me...Hurray for haircuts and muffins and most of all you at the piano. And to my dear Mel, well, what could be a better celebration than Eden and peaches, and those Falconian boys having pizza. You know how to celebrate. Thank you all, my dear ones!!!

Your friend on the pilgrim road,