Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Update 1/06/10 Day 59

Dear friends,

Tonite I feel like I could sleep for a week. Maybe it's the cold weather. Whatever it is, it will keep my ramblings shorter this evening, which I'm sure will be a mercy to many of you!

The book of Esther really got me thinking about how God works in the lives of ordinary people. He took a Jewish girl, put her before a king, and she found favor in his sight. She used that favor to rescue her people from the decree of evil written against them by the darkness of their enemy, and caused a new decree to be written, a decree of justice and peace. (There He goes again, making darkness light! We've seen this in the past 59 days. And believe me, there's a lot more to come. Some things are too tender for me to mention in a public forum like this, but I ask for your prayers for our family relationships while we write a new decree. There's no sense in pining for the life that was. Things will never be the same. But new can be sweet. New can be rich. New can definitely be OK.

Stephen said to me today "Not every girl gets an exotic date like going to the dump." We payed a visit to Joe at the East Greenbush transfer station and re-upped our annual pass. In addition, we unloaded a lot of trash and recyclables. Can I tell you I didn't even know where the dump was? My husband has always done all of that. The guys over there were happy to see the Bionic Man. They didn't know me from Adam, and I'll be happy to let Stephen be the go to guy in the future. After the delight of the dump, we stopped at Price Chopper and finally hit Starbucks. From garbage to gourmet. What a world!

Another Netflix movie tonite, "Only Angels Have Wings" with the original tall, dark and handsome Cary Grant, costarring with Jean Arthur. Supporting cast includes our favorite Thomas Mitchell and the 40's glamour girl Rita Hayworth. This is a B movie for sure, but worth a watch. ( I'll watch anything with Cary Grant). These old movies are such a comfort right now, and I'm not sure why. But I'll take any non narcotic tranquilizer I can get.

My baby boy has a rotten cold. I had planned to head out to church tonite for the third evening of our stretch toward God as we start 2010. But David John needed his mommy, and so here I was. We had a fire in the fireplace and watched our movie between phone calls and kitchen duties. I've got a feeling David may be home from school tomorrow. Thank you to nurse Kathy who took care of him at school today. How I need others! How humbling it is to have them (you!) so ready to be kind.

Tomorrow Steve goes to the dentist, and Hannah returns to the ENT who worked on her eye. Doctor appointments are a regular part of our schedule now, and I'm grateful for these gifted folks who the Great One appoints to heal the body while He heals the soul.

I love hearing from you. I wish I could respond to every comment, but as it is I have many thank you's I haven't written and it's not because I'm ungrateful. Just tired.

Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. Another step on the road to wellness. It's a long one, but it's moving in the right direction.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Anonymous said...

And I thought I was the only person on earth who thought the dump was a hot date!!!! No kidding - when Ant and I lived in Greenwich, CT, we used to go to the dump all the time while he was renovating our apartment in his grandmother's house. We used to call it our dates and get a good laugh out of it. Nice to know we're not the only nut jobs around!! Only thing is, back then, we didn't have Starbucks - no luxury after the trip to Smellytown. We still tell our kids about our dates back then to give them a good chuckle. Now we call our trips to Home Depot our dates. Not as smelly, but still a good date - and Starbucks in across the street (Venti ice water for me, please)!

It's just so good to hear that the two of you are able to do things together. After all of the days that you spent traversing from floor to floor at Albany Med, then driving to Sunnyview, it does my heart so good to know that you and Steve are having time together - alone - doing things. Yes, it's a new normal, and no, I suppose things will never be like they were, but the redemption of the Lord is in all of this. Only He knows why this new normal has to be, at least now, but I know that He is bringing grace and mercy for each day - I read it daily in this blog; I hear His glory in it all, and you give me hope for each of my days which can't be nearly as trying as some of yours. Once again, thank you for your transparency. We all need it. Thank you. Love you to pieces. Mary Ann