Friday, January 22, 2010

Update 1/22/10 Day 75

Dear friends,

Friday nights are fabulous. After a week of doing one's duty, one can, without care, put one's feet up, watch a good movie and exhale. This evening, we have the delightful company of Magnificent Micaela, who you may recall from blog history as Hannah's former teacher and our dear friend. (As a side note, she is beautiful, intelligent and unattached). She and David's bosom buddy Josh C. were here with us for pizza and wings tonite, provided by some wonderful anonymous friend who must know that we always do "Fun Food for Friday Fare". Thank you from the bottom of our full stomachs and happy hearts! As for the entertainment, we are watching Hugh Laurie (of "House" fame) in a completely different role as Bertie Wooster in one of the Jeeves and Wooster programs from Masterpiece Theatre many years ago. If you have never read the Bertie and Jeeves stories by P.G. Wodehouse, you are the poorer for it. My dear brother in law Richard laughed out loud on the NYC subway while reading about the antics of the good natured Bertie and his brainy valet. If you're not inclined to read, try getting the videos from the library, or borrow them from me... Our main feature later will be The Long, Long Trailer, recommended by cyber friend Ann, starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. (These comedies are a perfect counterpoint to the beautiful but difficult "Count of Monte Cristo" on my bedside).

I am so relaxed in the rocker. Stephen is on the couch with his legs elevated and his knee iced, and Micaela is sharing Raisinettes with me. It's the simple things, isn't it. Thanks to the Great One, who commands both work and rest!

Physical therapy was difficult for Steve today, but he trucked through to the end. The PT suggested lots of elevation and ice for the whole weekend to get the swelling off of the knee, and to prepare him for the work that will come next week in increasing the flexibility of that joint in the right leg. The man did sleep much better last night, and I didn't have to worry about bumping into that blasted fixator! We just keep moving in the right direction, and we pick off each day as it comes. We continue to get closer to the point of complete bone healing where the right leg can bear weight. Work and rest are both needed for that to happen. Do you see a theme developing here?

Hannah's visit to the neurologist today came complete with a revelation for me. Dr. Adamo told me today that he was concerned when he first saw Hannah, because she was just a hairsbreadth away from "coma" status for brain injury. He said she was a very sick girl, and just managed to do well enough on the neuro checks to avoid having a pressure meter put into her head. He said he was delighted with how well she is doing at the nine week point, because her very early prognosis was not looking good. Lots of prayers went in to saving my daughters brain, and there is no way to express my gratitude for that. Absolutely no way.

To add to my lovely day, I had lunch with Sister Laurie, who really has been a sister to me, and whose life is an epistle of love. Many of you cyber friends know this incredible woman, but if you do not, I sincerely wish you did. We ate middle eastern food and simply enjoyed the sweet company and conversation of a Friday afternoon. I so needed a day like this, with the blessing of rest on the sidewalk of the pilgrim road. My mind is clear tonite, unstuffed of anxiety and care. He Who Knows has given me a treat this day. I am so glad. It prepares one for the work ahead.

You, my dear friends, have shared this week with me and I am the better for your company. Every kindness and prayer gives me a little more strength for the uphill climb. I hope you know I am praying for purposeful work and satisfying rest for all of you as we rock on.

BTW, loving fixator freedom. Loved your own ways of celebrating. Thank you a million times.

Praying hard for the people of Haiti.

"Be thou my vision, Oh Lord of my heart,
Not be all else to me save that thou art,
Thou my great Father, I thy true son,
Thou with me dwelling and I with thee one...


Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Tom S. said...

Very scary about Hannah -- I never knew that. Blessings mixed with madness....