Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update 1/13/10 Day 66

Dear friends,

Oh happy day! Here's our DFG cell group, at our first meeting since the crash. Notable by his absence is the one and only amazing Barrie, the glue of the whole operation. Feel better soon, dear adopted dad!

What a wonderful evening, with some of the finest folks on the planet, delicious food, and love and laughter in the midst of life's troubles. Every dear person in this photo is carrying some kind of load, and every one of them walks with grace and kindness on the pilgrim highway. I absolutely love these fellow sojourners. I almost didn't make it up off the floor by the time the Precious Roberta got her photos. God bless our shutterbug in residence!

Stephen's brother John came up to visit today, and had to wait quite the while for us while the man was seen by Dr. Bagchi. Between xrays, waiting, pin removal and preop testing, we were at the Bone and Joint center for 3 hours! But it was worth it...because we found out that the fixator is coming off NEXT THURSDAY! You heard it right. Now it's still at least a month before he can bear weight on the right side, but the fixator will be replaced by a brace, which should make sleeping, moving, and LIVING a lot easier. If I have it in me I'm going to make a cake to celebrate. Let's have a cyber party next Friday, ok? We'll call it the Fixator Freedom Fiesta, and you can choose to party in whatever way you please (alcohol free, of course!) Here's a picture of the blasted thing:

If it looks cumbersome, it's because it is! I praise the Great One for the healing going on in my husband's bones. It's a wonder to look at the xrays and see bone filling in the broken spots. It's kind of strange seeing all the plates, screws and pins holding him together on the inside of his body. I asked Dr. Bagchi today if he ate a lot of fish. That man is one large cauldron of brains. And he's compassionate. And he wields a pair of pliers like a true body carpenter, pulling out one-and-a-half inch pins from Steve's foot. Ugh. I left the room for that one.

Dr. Uhl came in to see Stephen today too. He did the original work on the man's elbow, and was very pleased that he exhibited as much range of motion as he has. He can now put full weight into his elbow, and the docs are recommending "aggressive" range of motion therapy for his shoulder. Progress is being made. Thank you, thank you for the prayers. Keep em 'coming.

Wish you all could have been here tonite for the pulled pork, tender bbq chicken, and Amy's mouth watering blueberry pie. I love feasts. They all point to that big one we'll have in heaven one day, when we see the Savior face to face and finally finish our earthly trek. Many years ago, Steve and I hiked the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park on the 4th of July. We were told that at the top of the mountain, after hiking all day, there was a rough camp where we could get a piece of homemade apple pie. When we reached our destination, the pie was gone. That's how it can work down here. Disappointment is part of life for these few years. But the walk through the wilds of Glacier Park was amazing - a gift in itself. Just like our climb here. Hard, yes. Tricky, sometimes. Confusing, true. Tedious, often. But packed with wonder and adventure and a thousand gifts along the way. When we reach the end of the cosmic trail, there will definitely be pie at the end. And yet another adventure, but without the pitfalls. Hallelujah!

Thanks for some of your classic movie ideas. I love it. Send more! We're waiting for our next Netflix picture to arrive, "You Can't Take It With You" directed by the quintessential American director, Frank Capra, starring Jimmy Stewart, Jeanne Arthur and Lionel Barrymore. Can't wait! Wish we could all have pie and watch it together.

Let's keep praying for the people of Haiti. Samaritan's Purse always helps in these disasters if you're looking for a way to send money.

As always, so glad we're on the cosmic trail together.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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