Friday, January 15, 2010

Update 1/15/10 Day 68

Dear friends,

I do declare this day was made to be an encouragement to me! I love people. I've heard the joke "life would be so much easier if it weren't for other people". Perhaps that's true sometimes (certainly I include myself in the list of fallen people who can be a bit sticky), but aren't people really the greatest? I mean, my cat's a little darling, but she doesn't tell a great story or sing a song that makes me cry. She purrs nicely but that can't compare to a belly laugh from a friend or a cup of coffee with girl talk. We were made for each other, folks. With all our foibles and annoying habits, we still need the other bipeds walking around the planet. So how did I get off on that tangent? Well, today I got an email from Laureen the Brave, who has been down this brain injury road in a profound way. I practically forgot everything she told me during the month of December, and she graciously repeated herself. Her strength blows me away. Her son sustained a brain injury on the weekend of his college graduation, and spent many months at Sunnyview. I can't tell you how much I appreciate her "cyber love". We've never met and she has greatly helped me. She travels with me carrying some of the same luggage.

Then I ran errands with Mary Ann the Dear One. She was willing to scooter with me to Aldi's, Walmart, and Deli Warehouse just to hang around and carry my bags. Talk about an exciting day out! Nothing like picking up a couple of pounds of oven roasted turkey breast for a good time! But we loved being together. Because peeps are what matter.

To top off the day, Our Savior's School had their Epiphany concert tonite. Because we Smitty's missed a lot of the pre-Christmas fun, it was such joy to hear songs like "We Three Kings" and "Do You Hear What I Hear" (my favorite!), as well as watch the kids use string puppets to "Jingle Bell Rock". I cried during Mel Torme's classic "The Christmas Song" (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...). The Great One simply showed me His love again through people all day long. Seems to be a theme with Him. I'm lovin' it, and I am more grateful than I can say for all the precious people in my life.

The concert tonite ended with the hymn of all hymns,(in my opinion, though it is a fact). It's my anthem, and my song of praise. Amazing Grace will surely be playing all over heaven, and when it's sung here a little heaven comes to earth. The verse to beat all is "Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come; Tis grace that brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home..." The word of the Great One says "It is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not of yourselves but a gift from God." Amen. Through every minute of every day I am humbled to know His grace has been the momentum and eternal safety on the pilgrim road. There is no injury, no emotional pain, no sorrow that is stronger than the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. He truly is Amazing.

So are you, by the way. A million thanks for sharing the dangers, toils and snares. You are my dear peeps.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

...and a million thanks to you Loriann for your faithfulness to keep us informed and (for me at least). encouraged. I'll be rejoicing with you guys on Thursday when that fixator comes off! We travel in so many of the same circles here in town-don't be surprised if one of these days someone steps up to you (in Starbucks, Hannaford, or even the dreaded Walmart) and says Hi! I'm Sue Cummings. Until then, I (along with a multitude of others) remain 'with' you & your family here in cyberspace.

Steve and Hannah said...

Dear Sue,

You have been an absolute delight to me from the beginning of all of this. Thank you for your faithful friendship!

Your fellow traveller,


Anonymous said...

I read your postings faithfully and feel so guiltly because I take so much from your writings and transparancy and I offer so little in return. You have truly taught me how to love and trust in Him.

For those of us who have made it through the years of raising a teenage girl (without a traumatic brain injury) we pray all the harder for you. In the end, you too will be amazed by incredible young woman who emerges. Hang in there and hang on to Him.

I read with delight that the external fixator will be removed this coming week. What a scary contraption. I wish you both the freedom of movement and a good nights' sleep once it is removed.

You are an amazing woman and an inspiration to all.

johandav said...

Dear Anonymous,

Your comment was like rain during a drought. Thank you.

I am not trying to be falsely modest when I tell you I am not amazing, but ordinary, and in fact I feel weak much of the time. But I do gain strength from the Great One and dear folks like you who pray and love. It means more than I can express.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


Anonymous said...

Grace = undeserved favor. Thank goodness He does not give me what I do deserve! His grace is what carries me from one day to the next. It is my favorite and most cherished word in the English language. Thank you for your daily reminders of His love to you, your family and all of us!
God bless your heart! Joanna