Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update 1/16/10 Day 69

Dear friends,

For all the relational pain that has come out of November 8, there has been much more good. My brother in law, Enduring Richard, has become more dear to me than ever. He and his wife, Optimistic Melissa, have been troopers with us on the pilgrim road. They have put feet to their compassion and miles on their car with many visits from Virginia lo these past 69 days. The cousins have been a beautiful source of comfort and fun for my children. Stephen's Mom, who at almost 80 years old rarely leaves Steve's side while she's up here, has had a tough go watching one of her children suffer, and in fact nearly die. And his sister Debbie has been so faithful. As a side note, she's the queen of shoes and pocketbooks. She has a pocketbook collection. I have one. I love her dearly, but I can't keep up with her in the fashion department!

Here's a shot of the Centerville Smith's from today's frolics:

Joseph, Uncle Richard, Colin, Aunt Melissa, Hannah, David, Benjamin, Monica, Grandma, Aunt Debbie and Hercules.

I made a delicious potato corn chowder for lunch today. Is there anything in the world as versatile as a potato? I'm a big soup fan. If you have a great soup recipe, please send it along. However, keep in mind I am a very ordinary cook. Too many ingredients, and these baby greens glaze over. No strange things either like arrowroot, or some spice that costs $50 an ounce. I don't get the food network, but when we visit the Cape I love watching it. I never make anything I see on there (Too many arrowroot recipes. What is arrowroot anyway?) I really like that show "Iron Chef". What a hoot. The old Japanese version really cracks me up. The new one with Bobby Flay is good too, but there's nothing like that campy Japanese dude hamming it up for the introduction. Priceless.

I'm spent at this point. No deep spiritual insights, no high and lofty understanding here. All I know is Jesus loves us all the time. Doesn't matter if we measure up or not. Doesn't matter if we're sharp as a tack or dull as my kitchen knives. I thank you all for tuning in to my doodles each day, even the days when they are pretty dullsville. It keeps me going that you keep going. And the Great One, well, "He never slumbers nor sleeps" and "Not a sparrow falls to the ground outside of His knowing." I'm so grateful that He is faithful even when I'm not.

Hey, check out "The Happiest Millionaire" starring Fred MacMurray. Great fun, and the songs are a blast.

Be back tomorrow, as always. I love you guys!

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

This is the stuff life is made of...

Doesn't God have a great knack of knowing where to sprinkle in the good stuff?

Anonymous said...

Now that's a picture of a happy family!

Your "'doodles" are inspirational.

Tom Smith said...

Great photo -- looks like all had a great time!!
Love from Syracuse!