Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update 1/24/10 10 weeks since crash

Dear friends,

The lunches are made, baths are in progress and Smitty is elevated and iced. Besides the fact that my house is a bit of a pit, I am content. Housework has moved down yet another notch on my list of priorities. Watching more pictures of Haiti, I am again face to face with the foolishness of worrying about desk clutter and dirty cups. I'm not saying we throw all sanitation to the wind, but having perspective keeps one from being an idiot. Better I leave the dishes and read David a story (we did that tonite!) Better I slow down and accomplish less and keep from snapping at my children in aggravation. Dear Jesus, help me with this! People before things. That's what the Great One is always saying.

Those "Dobbsie" girls are a wonder! They decided during church they wanted to make us a meal tonite. So after the service they zipped to the grocery store, then to Schenectady to cook meatballs, ziti and toss up a salad (home made dressing, no less!), and at 3 pm they were at our doorstep with the goods. I wonder if they had a genie in a bottle or something. God bless those wonderful young women. And you should see their Dad play the bongos! I get where they get their go-to-it. Momma is no slouch either.

Sorry about the Jets.

Stephen turns 49 next Sunday. How I wish I could give him locomotion (on two legs) for his birthday! I asked him today how he was feeling about everything, just checking on his emotional health. He said it would be easy to get discouraged about the wheelchair thing, but he's working hard to keep on the sunny side, and trusting his God to carry him along the pilgrim road. His perspective is healthy; he feels for the ones in a wheelchair permanently, and is grateful for the temporary nature of his trouble. We'll take each day as it comes, not borrowing tomorrow's trouble. We've heard ominous words about "injuries of this sort leading to terrible arthritis". No one really knows, do they, what tomorrow brings? Often life takes unexpected turns that no one expected. Stephen was not expected to have even the range of motion in his right arm that he has. Granted, he is limited, but remember, Dr. Uhl was talking about him being "left armed". Hannah's report (which I received yesterday) from Dr. Hess showed her with a "moderate to serious traumatic brain injury". What does that mean? Is she completely well yet? Not yet. But is she far beyond the expectations of mortal man. Yes. No one knows except He who reigns forever. And He is always up to some good amid the evils of this present darkness. Better to look to Him, and see how it plays out. He will give ample grace no matter what.

Sweet Jessica took Hannah to the mall today to spend her gift card to Macy's. She used it to get some make up to cover the scars from the accident. How beautiful my darling girl is! How hard for a mother, and especially a dad, to see their only precious daughter scarred through no fault of her own! Still, scars, internal and external, can serve as altars of remembrance. Remembrance of ill or of good. We choose to remember the mercy of God through our tears. She lives! And her lovely soul will surely prosper as time and grace do their mysterious work. No great thing happens without time and process.

Please pray for the favor of the Great One as we go about some insurance business this week. It's my least tolerable part of this whole thing.

Joseph and Hannah have midterms coming up this week too. Oh boy.

You dear ones are truly in my prayers. I pray all of you will notice His "grace like rain" in this upcoming week. We need only look up. He is ever for us.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Anonymous said...

Always praying for you all...I so especially love it when you post what the docs thought would be, then you post what the Lord has done. It's a beautiful thing, this 'more than we could ask or think' aspect of our Lord. My hope has truly been, as I have said before, that no man could boast in this healing process of Steve and Hannah - that God would go so far beyond the expectations and opinions (professional or otherwise)of men that those who do not know Him will 'see' Him in what He does here, and that we who are the church will see Him more clearly and be drawn deeper and closer than ever to Him. Your writing gives me hope for my own life as I see my own limitations, but am compelled to see His grace which far outweighs all. I didn't wake up with much hope for today, but I'm so thankful that He saw fit for me to read your encouragement which is bringing me more than hope - a surity that His grace will more than sustain, and that our glorious God will receive glory through what He does in me today. Love you so, my wonderful friend. So thankful that you are in my life. XXOOOXXOO Mary Ann