Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update 1/14/10 Day 67

Dear friends,

I'm wiped out today, but so what? There are people in Haiti struggling to survive. That's true exhaustion. That's desperation. That's "hard pressed on every side..." I can't describe the pain I feel for these battered people. In my family's "earthquake" there have been plenty of people to help and safe places to be. There was the best medical care in the world, and insurance and clean water and food. Most of all there was hope, no matter what the outcome had been. I knew God would never leave me alone, even if I had lost my dear ones. I knew He would strengthen me for whatever came. So now I'm calling on the Great One for the people of Haiti. Why this happened I don't know. But the Great One is the comforter, who comforts us in all our afflictions. I can tell you without hesitation that is true.

Those of you with teenagers know this time of life can be challenging. Throw a brain injury into the mix and it starts looking like a Three Stooges picture around here. Logic and reason seem to hide under the bed from time to time. I can't get them to come out no matter what I do. It's difficult to navigate these uncharted waters of recovery. My little princess is the sweetest girl on earth, but there are changes that sting. I remind myself that we are still only about 9 weeks in to an 18 month full recovery curve, and patience is required. Sometimes I get mad about the whole thing, I really do. Then I get frustrated because you can't change the past. These feelings don't take away one iota from the truth that "The Lord is my shepherd..." Feelings come and go like fog on the Hudson. But one thing the Great One wants is honesty. Truth in our "innermost being" as Sister Laurie has been expressing these past days. For sure He knows how we feel anyway. Why not be a little healthy and express it instead of sucking it up. I won't feel this way forever. But God will still be God in a few days, and my relationship with Him will be better for the truth between us.

Stephen and I were discussing our need in the future for another car. Clearly the first one is undrivable (massive understatement). We know nothing about cars. We've never owned a new car, and typically drive our cars till they fall apart. The only thing the next car has to have is dual side air bags. I think the reasons are obvious. Sunnyview has a driving component to their rehab. Once Steve's bones are back together and he is ambulatory, someone will get into a car with him so he can get used to driving again. I wonder what kind of vehicular accidents happened before the explosion of the manufacuture of automobiles. People probably got nailed with horses. Some things don't change.

Lovely Lucy made us a true Italian lady dinner tonite. It was scrumptious! My kids are scarfing the brownies as we speak. I think I'll scarf one soon too.

Short post tonite. I've got a date with a couple of Advil's and Cary Grant in "Mr. Blanding's Builds His Dreamhouse", another Smith family favorite requested by David tonite. There's also some Bruster's Ice Cream in the freezer and a soft pillow and afghan on the couch. Kind of boring today. But after the last few months boring is ok. We're looking to round the bend a month or so from now, when Stephen can put weight on that right side and walking becomes a light on the horizon. I can hardly wait...

You've been my friends through thick and thin. This is the thin. Thanks. (Say that 3 times fast!)

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to tell you for weeks and weeks now that reading your blog has become my daily devotional. I feel grounded, thankful, hopeful, humbled and blessed to read your inspiring words each day. I know you think you are ordinary, but you are touching all of us in an extraordinary way through this experience and your writing -- I thought you should hear that. And on a totally different note, as you look for a new car, choose one with a 5 star crash test safety rating and side curtain airbags as well as the dual air bags in front. Don't settle for less! I don't think I could stand the thought of you traveling in anything but the safest vehicle available. Not after all this!!
With love and gratitude,
Michelle Schultz & family