Friday, January 1, 2010

Update 1/1/10 Day 54

Dear friends,

There's something inspiring about starting a new year. It's kind of like the first page of a new book, or the blank page in a new journal. Nobody knows how the story will end, or how the pages will look in a year. But it's exciting to think about it all. Here on Meadow Lane we are anticipating a man who will be walking, a family vacation replete with strolls along the national seashore, gainful employment and the "goodness of God seen in the land of the living..." My arms are hooked to yours, and all of us are going over our mountains together. My dear Carol the Strong, I am with you in your sorrow as you have been with me in mine.

Stephen is now taking sit down showers, and his wounds are healing well. The time it takes to change his dressings gets shorter every day. Only 5 more shots in the belly, then he's done with the Heparin. Yay! He is experiencing some shoulder and back pain from all the time in the chair, so we're using heating pads and Tylenol to manage the problem. He faithfully does his exercises and gets up into the "hopper" more easily. I finally got him a mirror that stands up by itself so he can shave without me holding the big mirror for him. We are going to have a small party when that fixator comes off his leg. Don't bump into it, whatever you do. It hurts like the dickens!

Hannah is working hard to catch up on her homework. I'm a little nervous about her return to school, but so happy for her at the same time. We've been attached at the hip for almost 2 months. She can't wait to go back. But as I've said before, there's a lot going on in a big public school. Good thing she's got a God who's always on the double. He'll take good care of her.

Today I cleaned out my fridge. Believe me when I tell you it needed it badly. I washed the whole thing down, and got myself and the whole kitchen soaked in the process. The ultimate was when I pulled stuffing from Thanksgiving out of the back of the refrigerator. But it reminded me to say thank you again for feeding me and mine so faithfully for so long. You all have persevered. I am the salvaged material of your efforts. Wow.

The tree is down thanks to Steve Berg. Isn't it amazing it even got up this year? When I put it up next year, I'll remember well this amazing stretch on the pilgrim highway. And the amazing folks who did the climb with me.

Short post tonite. I'm tired, the man is tired, but the kids, unfortunately, are not. Such is life. Things just don't always line up. Oh well.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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