Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update 1/23/10 Day 76

Dear friends,

I was recalling my wedding song today, "Stand by Me" by Ben E. King. It's really a simple song, but I think it reflects so much of what a marriage is all about:

"When the night has come, and the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we'll see
Oh I won't be afraid, No I won't be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me..."

Can I tell you my precious friends, that my husband has always stood by me through all my ups and downs, my moments of complete stupidity, winter depressions, anxiety attacks and every mess that comes to fallen people in a fallen world. Can I further tell you as I have before, that a hundred years of caring for Stephen would never approach making up for the faithful service he has lovingly given me, and the gracious overlooking of my many faults these past 22 years. He is a friend I trust. It is hard on him to be unable to start a fire in the fireplace. It's hard on him to be unable to make my coffee and schlep the clothes down from the laundry room for me. Broken legs at times give him a broken heart. But he is carried by the Great One, and he continues to persevere through this thing. I am honored to stand by him.

"If the sky we look upon, should crumble and fall
Or the mountains, should tumble to the sea,
I won't cry, I won't cry, no I won't shed a tear
Just as long, as you stand, stand by me..."

How many people get a pizza delivery from jolly old England? Well cyber friends, a family of our own, the dear Petrillo's, were the January St. Nick's behind yesterday's pizza party! All the way from England, where brother Bob is working for a year, those dear folks thought of us and credit carded away (ah, technology!) so we could enjoy an excellent evening of fun food for Friday fare. These folks are the absolute cat's meow. Thank you Diana, Bob, Dan and Gracie! Can't wait to see you stateside and share the joy face to face! By the time they get home, the man will be on his feet. But they have walked with us through the blog, as so many of you dear friends have done. I continue to be astonished by your faithful companionship.

Connie the Caring had never seen "Casablanca", so we had to fix that problem promptly. She's here tonite, watching Humphrey Bogart in this American classic, which ironically takes place in Morocco. If you've never seen the movie, may I advise you ever so gently to do so. One scene in particular, where the German SS begin singing their national anthem and are drowned out by the French nationals stranded in Casablanca, will stay with you for good. This is a picture that deserves the moniker of classic. It also puts on display the virtues of selflessness, loyalty and valor. Peter Lorre makes an appearance too, with his oft quoted line "you despise me, don't you Rick". Ingrid Bergman is a vision of loveliness, and Bogie, well, he's Bogie. Need I say more? Fabulous picture.

Stephen is nursing that bad knee, which is doing better by the hour. Another day of ice and elevation, and he should be good to go for next week. He's sleeping very well. Even when he does wake up, he's able to fall back quickly. What a restorative sleep is! I'm hoping for a Sunday afternoon nap tomorrow. So far those daytime rests have alluded me.

Today is the first day Hercules has worn pants without side snaps! Regular sweats fit over the brace. We love all these little milestones!

The last part of Casablanca features a speech by Rick (Bogart) where he says "the problems of 2 little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy mixed up world..." Bogie was looking at the big picture and made the choice to put his own wants in proper perspective. There was a world war going on, and he knew doing the right thing would stand up to the test of time. Our car crash rocked our little world. But God intends to take the problems of us little people to shed a little light on the big darkness of this crazy mixed up world. My dear friends, whatever your trouble, let it work some good! With the help of the Great One, it surely will. And all the little people with their little light will pierce the darkness. Your selflessness has done that for me.

Thanks for Standing by Me.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Stephen said...

My dear wife,

I am honored to stand (so to speak) by you, and I very much look forward to taking off of your shoulders some of the burden that you're now carrying. Thank you for serving me so faithfully during this time (and you're right, it is hard for me to see you have to do so many things). I love you with all my heart.