Sunday, May 9, 2010

Update 5/9/10 26 weeks since crash

Dear friends,

Maybe I’m reading too many stories, but I can’t help but relate the themes in my head right now to the real world. I finished “Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring”, and the rag tag band of hobbits and their fellow travelers remind me of real folk like you and I. First, there is the wizard Gandalf, a wise and lofty, but totally down to earth fellow who loves delighting children with fireworks and at the same time figures out the strategy of the ultimate bad guy. Then there is the conflicted but brave Boromir, the heroic but insecure Aragorn, the bullheaded but loyal dwarf Gimli, and the gentle Elf warrior, Legolas. Of course the hobbits are a mixed bag too, Frodo the contemplative ring bearer, Merry and Pippin, rascals with heart, and my favorite, Samwise Gamgee, a friend to the end. What he lacks in sophistication, he makes up with heart. Pastor Dave the Humble (a real person, and one of the finest,) once again preached an inspiring sermon this morning on community, and the way it ought to be. I’ve pondered his theme today, and thought about all of us in community, the rag tag crew that we are, and the power we have when we walk the pilgrim road with a mind toward the ones walking with us. Like the “Fellowship”, we can’t paint anyone with a single brush. The quirky personalities and habits and talents of those we share the road with are part of what makes life work. It’s up to the strong to help the weak, the smart to cover for the feeble minded, the cheerful to encourage the downcast. Sometimes those we least expect save the day. I’ve seen up close and personal the power of community lo these 26 weeks. The amazing individuality of the people I have rubbed shoulders with in time of crisis fills me with wonder. The strength of their unified, tenacious love gives me no end of hope. Stories grip us because of the truths they embody. Not to mention what fun they are to read!

Stephen played catch with David today! Smitty had to throw underhand, but he managed to get the ball into Young Smitty’s glove. It made my Mother’s Day to know they can still do a modified version of this age old father-son tradition. Steve’s been in a happy baseball place lately too, with the Mets doing well. But as all Mets fans know, one must take it one day at a time… (And no wise guy comments from a certain friend of ours who once said “for a more rewarding experience, take the D train to the Bronx…”) Insufferable!

It is a cliché, but one day at a time is the wise, and biblical, way to live. For Pete’s sake, someone almost blew up a car in Times Square last week! You can’t plan for disaster, trust me. I’m not saying to be a fool and throw out reason and responsibility. Far from it! But as far as I can tell, (and granted, I’m no sage), it’s best to plan without putting your hope in anything but the Great One Himself. The proverb says “Man makes his plans, but God orders his steps…”. Aint’ it the truth.

I haven’t been to the movies with my husband in a year or so. But is there anything to go and see? Nothing appeals. Maybe we’ll go play mini golf. Except I completely stink at mini golf. But now that Steve’s elbow is whacked out, perhaps I can beat him…

Here’s a nice little link for your viewing pleasure. Hope it works. It’s a live web cam of Coast Guard Beach. Keep in mind, the camera doesn’t do it justice. Still and all, it’s a cheerful glimpse.

This verse was running through my mind during worship this morning, and next thing I know Brother Dave M. was reading it into the microphone. I close with this wildly encouraging word from God through the Apostle Peter:

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6-7

26 weeks out from disaster, I can say this is true. But we still have to do the thing, friends, one day at a time. Thanks for being a community in the true sense of the word. Thank you, Pastor Dave the Humble, for spelling it out so perfectly and living it so well.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


PS: Please remember my friends Dick and Judy W. in your prayers. More loyal pilgrims you’ll never find. Thanks a million.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, no wonder the pilgrims stayed - I would have too if I could be living on Coast Guard Beach. Those people knew what was happening - ocean front property, and the first ones in the neighborhood - no fools they were. Sign me up. I'd live there in a heartbeat. I put it in favorites so I can visit every day. Thanks! XXOO Mar