Monday, May 17, 2010

Update 5/17/10 Day 189

Dear friends,
Some parts of this road are impossible to navigate. Without going into details, I need many prayers right now for a boulder I can't get around as a result of the accident. This is the deepest place of heartache for me. It requires strength I don't naturally have, and endurance I wish I didn't need. Today I so wish I had a time machine and could reverse everything that happened on November 8. You've heard me lament this way before. Sorry, I have to do it. Some things are simply too brutal to go alone. Thanks for being my friend.

Took a road trip today to my old hometown, Springfield, Massachusetts, home of Dr. Seuss, the Basketball Hall of Fame, and Awesome Auntie Evie (shown here). I had to get a copy of my birth certificate, so after that I took a detour to Ludlow (a suburb of Springfield) and the home of my sweetest Christmas memories. Auntie Evie is 86 years old, and still has the same green and white checkerboard kitchen floor I remember from my tomboy days. (Auntie Phyllis danced quite a few steps on that floor!) Many a turkey and ham were served from that dining room table. My Auntie Evie was a prayer warrior for me and my brothers from the time our Mom became ill (I was about 10). Schizophrenia is a devastating illness, and its impact on families is hard to measure. Even then, the Great One was with us through the fire, and had this beautiful person battling the darkness for us. I love you, Auntie Evie! The bloggies will no doubt pray for that broken hip to heal up quicker than expected.

Tomorrow Hercules goes to Albany Med for preadmission testing for next week's surgery. I will be heading out to Choices 301 in Altamont, where the Determined Ed Frank wages war with wrong ideas and mindsets in bringing awareness to the problem of drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs, and excessive speed. These are the folks who will be displaying our wrecked car for high school students to see. I haven't seen the vehicle yet myself. But I already get the impact. I get it.

I can't really write anymore tonite. I know the Great One is with me. I'm simply wiped from the steepness of the climb today.

March on my soul, be strong.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Susan said...

Dear Loriann,

This may be totally off the subject, and/or of no real help; but I think it's wonderful, and it might just "refresh your spirit" as the story in the magician's book in Lewis's "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" did for Lucy. It won't let me post it here--I keep getting error messages about HTML or something, but I am emailing it too you right now.

Love and prayers,


johandav said...

Thank you Susan, I love Chesterton. Got me reading a few of his other essays too!


Pam said...

I am so happy you took time to visit my Mom. She was so looking forward to visiting with you. She holds you and your brothers so close to her heart as she has always. I wish I could have seen you but I had an appt. in Worcester that day. She has told everyone of your visit. You really made her day!! Much love and still many prayers for you and your family.