Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update 5/13/10 Day 185

Dear friends,

Tomorrow is my 22nd anniversary.

I just want to tell you a little about the fellow I tied the knot with lo those many moons ago.

To keep it simple, I’ll do a top ten “Swell things about Stephen Smith” list.

10. He always makes great coffee in the morning (just for me) even though he doesn’t drink it himself.

9. With him, the glass is definitely always half full.

8. He has created a silly, make believe character which he routinely plays just to amuse me and our children.

7. He is not, in any way, shape or form, a Yankees fan.

6. His prayers aren’t fancy or long, but they are sincere and without guile.

5. Saturdays he has made breakfast for the kids since they were toddlers.

4. He never forgets to tape 24 for viewing without commercials.

3. He’s the king of contraptions: fixators, hopper walkers and multiple dynasplints.

2. When he wrecks a car, he doesn’t do it halfway.

1.He knows how to pick em’. (Only kidding).

Stephen makes me laugh every day, and has always been a kind, decent and faithful husband. I am grateful to the One and Only this year, more than any other, for the companionship we share. The world would have been the worse without him. There are many anniversaries that dazzle (10, 25, 50), but to me, 22 will always be the sweetest of all. Because it almost wasn’t.

I love you Smitty, and for all my words, there are none to adequately express it.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

Enjoy your special day!


Anonymous said...

I don't have TIME for TEARS this morning, but you got me once again. 22 - what a precious number! I am sure you will delight in one another this year as you have never before. Blessings, blessings, blessings to both of you. Love you to pieces. XOXO Mar

Stephen said...

Thank you, Loriann. You're right, I sure know how to pick 'em. As I tell people, I married above my pay grade. WAY above my pay grade!

I love you, B! Looking forward to many more years with you on this pilgrim road.

Ever yours,

jojo said...

I agree with the earlier comment -Not fair making us all cry like that first thing in the morning, Loriann! My goodness. This year would indeed seem the sweetest of all w/the realization that it might not have been. Your candid blog continues to bless me and so many, making us count our blessings & hug our loved ones a little closer thanking God for Thanks, also, for not taking glory in your weakness (while being candid about it at the same time) but giving Christ the glory for His strength IN you! We haven't and won't stop praying, dear ones. With so much love - Sarah for the Keparutis Fam.

TGSmith said...