Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update 5/18/10 Day 190

Dear friends,

I sorrowed today hearing the stories of 2 women who lost their daughters: one to excessive speed and one to a drunk driver. In attendance to listen to this victim impact panel at Choices 301 were local high school students, whose school required they attend before being admitted to the prom. I wondered if the kids heard what these broken moms were saying? There’s no way to really know what happens inside the invisible room of the heart. There was no lecturing, no finger wagging, only the stubborn truth that 2 young girls were killed when an automobile became a dangerous weapon. I could only tell these dear ladies how sorry I was for their unthinkable loss. There really are no adequate words of comfort for the loss of a child. I found anger rising up within me at the thought of these senseless disasters. And I felt the wind of my own very close shave with the same outcome. But mine didn’t die. The Great One alone knows the when and how and where of our final day. And for reasons known only to Him, mine were spared. Again I thank you for the gazillion prayers. Again I ponder His unsearchable wisdom.

We’ve told our kids (until they’re ready to scream) about the dangers of driving drunk, and the unpredictable peril of drug use (i.e. Len Bias). We haven’t had the need to discuss this with them for the past 6 months for obvious reasons. We have an agreement with our children, that no matter where they are, or what time it is, we will come get them if they call us, no questions asked. And any of their friends as well. Sometimes I delude myself into thinking that we’ve already had our turn with this nightmare, so we’re home free now and it can’t ever happen again. NOT. And even if that were the case, it’s not all about us. There are other lives at risk. Whatever God shows me to do to bring light to this particular brand of darkness, I will do. Not because I’m some noble soul (please, you know me too well by now), but because I can’t stand the thought of the whole thing. I think sometimes aggravation can be a great motivator. Not nearly as great as love, but pretty good. The story was told today of one high schooler who was punched in the nose for taking keys away from his intoxicated friend. I bet you all the tea in China that Oscar Lewis wishes someone took his keys away on November 8. It’s a hard thing to stand up to someone making a bad choice. But wouldn’t it be better to have a bloody nose and know you may have saved someone from a subdural bleed, or a mass of broken bones, or prison or death? Ultimately, the choice and responsibility belong to the driver. But I can tell you I would stand up to my full 5 foot 2 and take on Sasquatch to keep a drunk off the road. (I was going to call him “Big Foot”, but didn’t want you to confuse him with Steve…)

Smitty is all set for his surgery next Tuesday. Hopefully frankenfoot will look a little less ghoulish (and function well) afterwards. The shoulder manipulation is the tricky thing. But that’s a week away. In the meantime he continues to go to the gym and exercise those leg muscles. We still need to visit a cobbler. Just been a bit busy lately.

My friend Susan K. sent me something by a writer I like, and it got me looking at some of his other work. Here’s a quote of his for the road:

One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak.
G.K. Chesterton

Something to think about.

Your friend on the pilgrim road (valley and peak),


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