Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 201 Writing, Freedom Fighting, and Relating

Dear friends,

I do wonder at times why the Great One has directed me (unless I'm missing the boat) to keep writing every day until November 8, 2010. Some evenings I sit down in front of the laptop and have no idea what to write about. I have a conversation with God about my fried brain and my tired body, and that this was His idea, and somehow, always, something comes out on the screen. I write about the mundane things, and the confusing ones, and always I do try to tell the truth regardless of the lack of craftsmanship I see in some of my compositions. It's important for me to simply keep putting words on paper, honest words, without fear of imperfection or need to say something deep and meaningful. This blog has been the scroll of my own walk through the varied and turbulent terrain of a life suddenly changed. No doubt there are posts that are a snapshot of the gray, sloggy days along this jagged pathway. Some reveal the loveliness of the God who made the road, and the people who travel it with me. Some are clips of great drama- pain, joy, wonder. Regardless, it always comes back down to the truth. My simple hope is that somehow I can convey the Greatness of God in the midst of trouble, and the smallness of man in the hurricane of life. I waver. I'm guessing you do too. The grip of grace must be so very strong to bring us up the mountain. And strong it is.

Steve's foot is still pretty uncomfortable. I'm watching that bad boy like a hawk, making sure no nasty little bacteria tries to bore its way in under the stitches. We've dodged the infection bullet too many times to mess with it now. So I'm keeping a wary eye out for redness and pus. Even the slightest problem and we're off to the emergency room. I work in a hospital. I know too well how fast infections can get out of control . But so far, so good. We don't really appreciate our feet the way we should. But my husband certainly does. That foot deserves the podiatrist's medal of honor for all it's been through...

Joe did some yard work for our dear friend Sarge today. Sarge is a Vietnam vet with more metal in him than even Hercules. And when he had all his surgeries, they didn't have the kinds of techniques and technology they have today. We will have the privilege of having Sarge at our Memorial Day picnic on Monday, where we can try to properly thank him for putting himself on the line for our freedom. We'll have another young marine with us too, who will be going to Afghanistan in less than a month. I should be serving filet mignon instead of hamburgers and hot dogs to these guys! It is because of the likes of them that we can have picnics, and rest in a hammock, go to the library and give our opinion public. These are the folks who deserve our praise and need our prayers. "No greater love has any man than this: that he lay down his life for his friend..." Thank you to all of you who have purchased my freedom to spit out these words every day. And so much more. So much more.

Beautiful evening with our friends Excellent Anthony and Sweet Hobbit Mary Ann. (She's shorter than me, yay!) Mary Ann is a regular commenter on this blog, and I have told her she writes so eloquently, she ought to take the thing over herself! They are another example of what makes life on a fallen planet still so sweet. Relationships are where it's at. I want to be a better friend than I am. A better mother, wife, etc... I'm so glad the Trinity has the power, love and motivation to handle my case. Yours too. Because God is all about relationships. From Genesis to Revelation, that's the main refrain.

So many of you I long to meet, talk with, walk with and know face to face. I pray time and fortune will make that possible. I continue to cheer over the friends on this highway. Good Lord, I wish I could adequately tell you what you mean to me. Thank you.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



MTB Man said...

It's good to have that commitment to write everyday. Keeps the juices flowing. I don't have a "deal" with God to write everyday but I have found that I have readers that expect a post everyday and are disappointed when they don't get one. Other people's expectations are probably not a healthy motivator but it is what it is! Not to put that burden on you, but I do look forward to your daily posts! :-)

johandav said...

Thanks Gary...the everyday writing thing is good for the soul and the skill set! The key is to be ok with ordinary posts. And I am!
Love to see your blog-let me know the link.


MTB Man said...

Here's the link to my blog:

.. Gary