Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy In Brooklyn Day 194

Dear friends,

As we speak, I am sitting in the back garden of a beautiful Brooklyn brownstone, recovering from an exotic Moroccan dinner, and enjoying my anniversary abundantly. The Dear Hugh and Shining Joelle opened their home to us this weekend for a charming anniversary getaway, complete with mouth watering french toast bagels and buoyant, joyful conversation. The Quaker parrot is in the backyard with us, showing off saying "stop it", and the ivy is climbing the wall in this lovely, private garden. Sometimes time does seem to stop, and a little taste of true rest gets hold of us. The Great One gives many gifts: work, play and rest. This weekend was the time for rest.

Smitty's got his foot up, a bit sore from all the walking, but I know he would say it was well worth it. We travelled to Oyster Bay Long Island this afternoon to the home of Teddy Roosevelt, Steve's favorite and well studied president. I was inspired by the many quotes of the 26th president, and his sense of obligation to his fellow man. Not to mention his devotion to the Great One. Here was a man who grabbed hold of life, and determined to live it to the fullest. Even though he inherited great wealth and assumed great power, he felt the sting of death and sorrow that is common to all. His wife and mother died on the same day, leaving him with a daughter to raise. (As an aside, here's what T.R. said about his first daughter, Alice: "I can either control Alice or be President of the United States; I cannot possibly do both.")

Later in the afternoon it was a perfect, traffic free ride (on the Long Island Expressway!) into Manhattan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We actually found a parking space on the street. There are miracles, and then it is kicked up a notch to finding parking places near Fifth Ave. on 83rd St. Not so good going back to Brooklyn, however, waiting to get on the Brooklyn Bridge for 45 minutes. We finally decided to take the Battery Tunnel, and zipped back to our friend's house.

Can you believe it? I forgot my camera today. I'll try to snap a few before we leave in the morning. But, my dear bloggies, this was a wonderful time for Steve and I. Our first trip since the crash, and it felt like starting a different chapter. At one point on the grounds of T.R.'s home, I caught the smell of the ocean and the breeze was sweet, and a wave of happiness swept over me for a moment. You can't predict those wonderful life vignettes. Or the terrible ones. So we continue on our pilgrim roads, willing to risk, because if we don't we will miss the will of the One who gave us life. I'm a scaredy cat by nature, but as the scripture says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Those are way more than words. It's a truth as solid as the stones beneath my feet.

Tomorrow I'll give you a few more details. Tomorrow, I'm having another french toast bagel. And I'm getting some to bring home. Tomorrow, we go home. There's no place like New York City. It's where I met the Great One, so part of my heart will always be here. But about 150 miles north there are 3 people who light my world. They make home what it really is all about. No matter where I am, they live in my head. They're worth more than all the wealth of this beautiful, exciting city.

Talk to you all tomorrow. It's 1am, and everyone is tired. A good tired.

Love and blessings, my dears!

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



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Anonymous said...

Was going to send you a quote, but since I can't cut and paste in here, I'm going to mail it to you!
Love, Diana