Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update 5/11/10 Day 183

Dear friends,

This is Marvelous Margo, my hairdresser, who can wield a pair of scissors like Zorro wields a sword, and at the same time hear all your tales of wonder and woe without missing a beat. She can also make Joseph happy with a haircut, which is akin to satisfying the piggy bank of Bernie Madoff! Just thought you might like to meet another member of our friendly fellowship. This lady's smile eliminates the need for any incandescent lighting in the room she's in. She and her husband are some of the hard working folk that make our hometown of East Greenbush hum.

So what is it about hair? I've never had good hair. I can list on one hand people I know with really good hair. (Sister Laurie, you're one of them). I like all different kinds of hair, but that thick, straight, shiny hair, who gets that? When I was a kid I hated my hair. And then came Dorothy Hammill. Remember her wedge cut? I got that cut, and I thought I was all that. But alas, pride goeth before the fall, and within 2 days the thing didn't swing like Dorothy's. Once again I was disappointed. I just didn't have the right hair. I have since made peace with what I've got. The vanity level drops significantly when one approaches nifty fifty...Oh yeah, Farrah Fawcett. She had great hair. It was big. It was shiny. Sigh...

Joe got a ukulele. He was playing it at 6:30 this morning. He plays very nicely, and the sound really does make me dream of Hawaii, but 6:30 is a bit much. His long fingers don't seem to fit that little instrument. I envy those fingers. I cannot do bar chords on a guitar to save my life. He reaches across the miles and nails them. Dissatisfaction with fingers and hair. What's next?

To further the musical melee at my house, David used his allowance to buy a pan pipe. This is simply too cute for words. And it serves as another excellent distraction from math, science, and the other useful disciplines which must be avoided until late in the evening, when teeth should be being brushed and hands and faces being washed. Still, music pours forth from the Smith castle from every corner. That's not a bad thing. Not at all.

I'm fighting like Tyson to keep out of the shadows. Thanks for your prayers, they really help open the curtains. The Great One reminds me in different ways that He's still quite capable of handling the problems of my life. That goes for you too.

Dan the Delightful gave me a CD of Michael Card music, a favorite of mine from way back. I was listening to these words in one of his songs today, and it brought me back to how Great the Great One truly is:

We in our foolishness thought we were wise,
He played the fool and He opened our eyes,
We in our weakness believed we were strong,
He became helpless to show we were wrong...

And so we follow God's own fool,
Only the foolish can tell
Believe the unbelievable,
Come be a fool as well.

He bowed down low though He reigns on high. He loves hairdressers, musicians and movie stars. He confounds the wisdom of even the wisest. Some day, every eye will behold Him. And all of our "foolish" faith will become sight. No one will give two hoots about the condition of their hair, only their hearts. Help me, Great One, to give heed to this truth every day!

I'm so glad to do this life with all of you.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Mary Louise said...

Love the kids stories. Sunday night at 8:30 "but I can't go to bed, I have to do math." Me - "But you had the whole weekend." Kid - "but I forgot." Me - "But I asked if you had homework." Kid - "I forgot." What can you do? arghhh. But as the profound Red Green says, "we're all in this together and I'm pulling for you."