Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update 5/4/10 Day 176

Dear friends,

Hurray for Hannah! She can go back to her regular gym class! She’s glad to participate with her friends again in all sorts of fun and games. I guess the fitness room was a bit boring for her. Dr. Somaio still wants her to be careful, and so do I. (As an aside, does anyone remember those hideous gym uniforms we wore in Catholic school in the 70’s? Maybe that’s why I hated gym so much…)

Dr. S. was also encouraging about Smitty’s progress. Last time we were there I remember his surprise at how much function Steve has in his legs given the extent of those nasty injuries. He did get signed up for another 6 month round of a handicapped parking pass, which he definitely needs. However he often parks somewhere else if the distance is reasonable to give someone “worse off than himself” a better spot. I’m telling you, I married a decent fellow. A bit OCD, somewhat nerdy, but excellent nonetheless.

Thank you for your comments yesterday, your teen job suggestions, and the encouragement in general. (Jessica, your comment made me cry…). I really am so honored to share the pilgrim road with all of you cyber friends, keeping tabs on us, praying for us, and laughing and crying with us in all the big and little things. Even the goofy things, like when I drove over grass (gravel) and got the handsome young police officer mad at me, or made a fool of myself at Planet Fitness, or way back before Christmas (remember the Drano incident?). You’ve hung with me in the dark and the light. Thank you again, a thousand times.

Judy the Good dropped in today and simply chatted with me while I made beef stew. These are the moments of life that give it lustre. Seemingly mundane chatter among friends, laced with life’s truth, comedy, confusion and drama. Relationships really are where it’s at. If you’re getting tired of hearing me say that, I’m sorry. I just can’t shake it off. It looms large…

Some things I’m looking forward to:

Hole in One Donuts in Eastham on Cape Cod
David John Smith starring in “Dear Edwina” at Our Savior’s Lutheran School
A Reading Rainbow reunion in New York City in June
Soup for lunch (Butternut Squash from The Moosewood Cookbook) with M.A.
Beth Moore simulcast in September at Delmar Full Gospel

Things I’m glad for right now:

The grace of the Great One, every minute of my life
A good, sturdy roof over my head
Dick and Judy W., fine friends who endure
The prices at Aldi’s
Hannah, back in gym, without a stupid gym suit

I hope you all get the very best parking spots at Walmart. You deserve them.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

Thank you,dear Loriann(and family)...Another day...more encouraging words...Thank you and thank you,again...In Him-Joan -the Weeder (anyone for weeding???)

Stephen said...

Loriann, as our sister-in-law Lori has mentioned to us, we prefer the term "CDO" instead of "OCD". That way it's alphabetical.
- Stephen

Susan said...

Dear Steve,

As my brother would say, "HAW!!!"

That is perfect--that's right, perfected OCD, the ultimate consonance in terms. (I mean CDO--oops!)

Congratulations to Hannah! I just think of all the times I tried to get OUT of gym . . .

Susan K.