Monday, November 30, 2009

Update 11/30/09

Dear friends,

Did any of you see the sky at sunset this evening? Purple, orange, yellow...stunning! I drove to Sunnyview and had to watch the road, so I only got a moment's glimpse. I'm looking to be a cheerleader for the creator of that sunset. How in the world does He do that, put beauty in the midst of this mess? I believe that's why we are all here - to show off love in the middle of misery. That's what all of you have shown me. I continue to be stunned.

Miss Hannah broke my heart this morning when she showed signs of real sadness. And at the same time I rejoiced, because it's just a little more of her coming home to me. How odd to be a parent, looking for signs of sadness in your child, and being glad and busted up at the same time when you see them. She is also beginning to feel more self conscious about her eye and teeth, especially around strangers. She didn't want to go to the store with me today for that reason. These are all good signs, signs of recovery, but painful none the less. Still, pray for more of her to emerge from the "boo boo on her brain". Tomorrow she starts outpatient therapy at Sunnyview on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm hoping to see Stephen while they work with her. He'll be in therapy too, so we'll have to play that one by ear.

Steve is eating! He had the Gentle Roberta's lasagna tonite and loved it, along with salad and A WHOLE CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE from Stewarts! (For crying out loud, I'm even a drama queen in print!) He was a tiny bit discouraged because he was unable to hold himself up today, despite lots of sweat and effort. I reminded him that 22 days ago he was asking "for whom the bell tolls", and that time is his friend. Please ask the Great One to help him get strong, and to lead him down the pathway of patience. "If God is for him, who can be against him?..."

Tonite I had a visit from the fabulous Officer Ernie and the wonderful Officer Mike. They came to my house to deliver my GPS from the car and Steve's keys. I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate these fine men. Not only were they a part of rescuing my family, they have continued to be available to me in every way. It was a bit eerie to see Steve's keys, kind of jumbled up, a little bloody and cold from being in the car. That's the keys. Thanks be to God, the people are getting unjumbled, are no longer bloody, and are warm as toast.

David can't seem to get enough in the physical affection department these days. I am so happy to oblige him! He is being incredibly brave through all of this, and so very good, too. How I love my baby boy.

Joseph has been a song writing machine. I have listened to some of his works, which so impress me with their poetry and feeling. Many of his songs are sad. Somehow I think it's a healthy thing for him right now. He is on his guitar a lot of the time. He's pouring out his soul to the "sound hole on his knee" to borrow a line from Joni Mitchell. I know Jesus understands every minor chord he plays.

Officer Mike asked me if I would like to be involved on Saturday morning with a special DWI checkpoint in East Greenbush. The reason for the event is to make people aware of the devastation caused by drunk driving. I will be bringing a photo of our family, and talking to folks about the importance of sobriety behind the wheel. What an opportunity! Pastor Greg, I'm hoping you can make me a few simple cards on the computer with the blog address on them so we can get the word out. Perhaps we can use this as a part of the "Advent Conspiracy" - reaching people relationally, showing them the power of love, as you have shown me... -

I continue to receive mountains of love and understanding from all of you, my precious fellow travellers on this topsy-turvy adventure. You are absolutely my heroes. I am humbled every day by the way God is turning this nightmare around for good. I, by his grace, will be one of His cheerleaders til the bell tolls for me!

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

Loriann, I stand in awe of our amazing God who pulled your Steven and Hannah back from the depths and returned them to us and chose to heal them. Yet at the same time he paints the sunset to give us beauty! HE is most assuredly an all consuming fire, and I stand ready to be consumed.
A servant of the Most High

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to hear about Steve eating & of Hannah's emotions continuing to emerge-all good. Like the song I remember singing so many times, God Is So Good......
Your Pilgrim Road Partners,
Ed & Sue Cummings

Anonymous said...

Of course it would be Italian food that got him to eat!! There's nothing like it in the world - even non-Italians know that! It's like lasagna is God's secret weapon for things of this nature. Go God and Go Steve!!!!

So blessed to hear of Hannah's changes. Even though it means that she is more self-conscious and shy again, it's more of HER that is emerging, and that's a beautiful thing.

I am LOVING the thought of YOU being out there on Saturday. What an unbelievably powerful thing to be doing. In the midst of your trial, you are still serving - and for a cause that can reach so many for so many reasons - especially the Gospel of hope! You, along with all of the first responders, are my heroes. I love you madly. Mary Ann

DanelleM said...

Glad to hear of steve and hannah healing. I am glad that you will be involved in getting word out about drunk driving. It is so horrible, and should never happen. I pray God gives you everything you need in this situation. I continue to pray for you and your family.

Meaghan said...

Loriann! I am so grateful for your updates. Every morning, I read your words and am astounded (often to the point of tears) at the grace God has given you in this situation as well as your attitude about this whole process. I appreciate your honesty and how you take the time to keep us all updated on Hannah and Steve's progress, how your family is doing, and where you are at in all of this. I continue to pray for you and your beloved family each and every day! May God bless you abundantly, beyond what you could ever imagine!

Luanne Nicholson said...

Dearest Loriann,
I continue to be amazed by your blog posts. So poetic, so steadfast, so wise! So thankful to hear of the slow and steady progress for Steve and Hannah. We will continue to pray for you all daily. I would like to help in some way...not sure how, perhaps Christmas shopping? Bringing over my golden retriever to cheer Hannah? Monetary donations? Anything, just name it. I am a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker, and so have a somewhat flexible schedule. Please feel free to jot me a quick note and tell me what I can do for you. It would be my honor to help in whatever way I can. 785-1145
God bless you all, dear sweet Smith family! <3
Love in Christ,
Luanne, Tom, Emily & Andrew

Nevil Shunt's latest western... said...

Glad to hear that Steve ate that much, I was worried. I saw a great sunset too and rejoiced in Gods gift to me. Bless be Hannah.


Anonymous said...

Give me "G" give me an "O" give me a "D", what does it spell?! "GOD!"
We are cheering right along with you Loriann! Everyday we are all so blessed and part of that blessing comes from the time we read your blog. Prayers are still going up for you all, including your boys. Nothing Jesus comes up with surprises me when it comes to miracles happening for the likes of people like you!
Stay blessed and in His light. We love you all!!