Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update 11/22/09

Dear friends,

You could read Psalm 18 for a hundred years and never plumb the depths of it:

16 He reached down from on high and took hold of me; 
       he drew me out of deep waters.

 17 He rescued me from my powerful enemy, 
       from my foes, who were too strong for me.

 18 They confronted me in the day of my disaster, 
       but the LORD was my support.

 19 He brought me out into a spacious place; 
       he rescued me because he delighted in me.

I stand in awe of the greatness of God.  Two weeks ago tonite I might have buried my beloved husband and daughter.  No exaggeration, no hype.  Check out the photos of the crash.  (I'd attach a link if I knew how!)

Instead, today I watched my daughter chitter chatter like a beautiful, toothless teenager with her girlfriends and drink her vanilla bean frappuccino (she wants one every day), and talk to her daddy via computer.  My DFG friends know the song "Grace Like Rain".  Well, it's pouring.  I'd say I'm speechless but you would all know that's impossible.

Stephen is continuing to do so well!  He misses his family, and my time with him is limited.  If I could I would spend every minute with that flesh of my flesh.  I have never loved him more, and never been more separated from him.  He, of course, wants me to be with baby girl.  It's a tearing, but it's not forever.  At the rate she's going she'll be home in no time.  By the way, she's looking for visitors now - and misses her classmates like crazy.  She loved all the cards from the kids at Columbia and her wonderful Gen Church friends. Keep praying for her - remember, double for her trouble.  She's still always thinking of others and is just so precious and sweet.  Hannah is most definitely IN THE BUILDING. Will somebody just give God some praise!

No surgery for Stephen tomorrow.  Apparently my addled brain mixed things up.  However, a big prayer request for Monday : Dr. Bagchi, (aka Bob the Builder), will remove the dressing from Steve's left tibia and see if the skin graft took.  If it did, we're off to the OR on Tuesday.  If not, time to regroup.  So time to take this next hill, my awesome friends, and ask for a nice clean skin graft when those bandages come off.  I in no way want to be cocky, in fact I'm humbled to the floor by all Jesus has done for us thus far.  But I know He says to "ask and keep on asking".  Let's do that, again.

Please remember to love my boys.  They have been so beautifully cared for by Jackie and Steve and Mike and Lisa, and other fine folk who have come to our aid.  Still, there's no place like home and they need their momma.  If you're reading this dearest Joseph and David, it won't be long my darlings!  I love you with every fiber of my being.  We shall overcome!

As for all of you, how can I ever express my gratitude?  It has no limits.  Each one of you will receive your reward for all the invisible acts of love, kindness and tenacious effort for my family.  You are here for "such a time as this".  I can never repay you, and if I could, the world wouldn't be enough.  

As an aside, please pray for my dear friends Mike and Lisa Carey.  I love them more than words can say.  Mine were saved, but their son went home to be with Jesus several years ago.  They are heroes of the faith.  They still walk with God through the pain of loss.  What a wonder He is to carry us through.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

It is so exciting to see God answering our prayers for Hannah and Steven. His is such an awesome God. Joseph and David are not forgotten and are always in our prayers- and also you, yourself Loriann. Will continue praying continuously. Love you so very much.

Donnie said...

I remember when you and Steve were dating...I always thought there was never anyone good enough for my big sister.But as the years passed I realized there was somone good enough.And even in the most painful moment of your life,you found the time to comfort me.You are such an amazing person and your family means the world to me.Thanks to God,broken body parts and broken hearts are healing everywhere.All my love,Donnie

elena marcelle said...

loriann, i hope you know what an encouragement YOU have been to all of us. even in the midst of pain and suffering, you give all the glory to God. you have such faith and understanding that God does all things for good.
on a different note, i have spoken with both rob and tim's office concerning hannah's teeth. rob was away in Fla. until yesterday, and tim will coordinate with him.
i love you and thank God that you are in our lives to praise and worship with you for the many miracles that you have witnessed. keep the blog going as it is such a comfort to read about the progress that steve and hannah are making. in His love and with many blessings.....elena, tom and kids marcelle

Mel said...

I'm so happy that Hannah is back. I can't describe how wonderful it was to talk to her and see the real Hannah Mary Rejoice! PG is loving going up to visit Steve and was so blessed to see how they relate, even over Skype ... things to file away for he and Eden.
Love you so much!
Let us know what we can do for any of you beautiful Smiths!

Hannah said...

everyone - VISIT SOON

Anonymous said...

It's awesome to see God's answers to prayer! We will keep praying!!
I also wanted to reccomend a book to you from some personal friends of mine.- "Our Journey With Joshua" by Amber J. Johns".. it's available at the Sunnyview. Josh was there recovering for awhile. They are praying for your family as well.

Jenny Sandiford

Anonymous said...

Please know how much your friends at McGinn Smith are also praying for all of you- for healing- for strength- not for love though- your family is so surrounded by love that even in crisis others are warmed by the love that radiates from the Smith family. We are here if you needa anything. Give Steve a kiss for us all - we miss him very much and can't wait to tell him ourselves.

Terri Rudolph said...

I am so in awe of what God can do and has done. Your missives bring me to tears of both compassion and joy. We continue to come into the throne room on your behalf. God is good!!

Anonymous said...

I continue to pray for your family, and give a shout out to God for all He has done thus far. He truly is the Healer.


D Bell said...

How Awesome is our God? He has done more through the Doctors, than they could have done on their own. Tell Steve I can't wait to see his smile again. Stay strong, and know that God is for you.

Tiffany Ann said...

What a joy to hear good news! I am still praying down here. God's grace is so overwhelming and His plan cannot be thwarted. I love you guys!

Cindi Fredericks said...

Loriann, I love you and your incredible postings. I look so forward to reading the incredible acts God is performing every day! Yep, you have completely confirmed that you are one of the most amazing people I have the privilege of calling friend!! I am praying everyday for you all! Press on sweet friend, God will not let you down! XOXO

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you.

rezhead said...

Hannah...I know you do not know me very well but you know Deb Fish and I hope you do not mind if we show up to see you...can we bring a present? May the Lord bless you and your Mom and Dad and your brothers...I am rejoicing and thanking God every day and we all continue to pray for you and Dad and your Mom and brothers...constantly.
Jane, Deb Fish and Josh