Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11/11 Update

So many people have asked us how they can help the Smiths. We are still working with Loriann to figure out exactly where she needs your help and how to make it happen without becoming more of a burden on her in the process. So, we are asking for your patience as we walk through this.

The first thing we need to ask is a direct request from the staff at Albany Med, Steve's doctors and the Smith family. Due to the high risk of infection for both Steve and Hannah, they are asking that there be no more visitors until further notice. Of course those who have volunteered to be with Loriann over the next couple of days will be allowed to be with her. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will be in the room with her as she makes her rounds between Steve and Hannah. She really needs people to be there for her and do whatever she asks of you. If she wants to be alone with Steve then we ask that you be extremely sensitive. If people from other churches come to visit and they have not been informed of the restricted visitation request, it would be great if you could act as a gate keeper to prevent any risk of infection. If anyone has even a slight cold, we would ask that you notify the office and we will try to find a replacement for you. Right now it's so important to honor this critical request and we know that everyone understands.

We are presently working on some plans for a work day at the Smith house to rake leaves, clean gutters and get the house ready for winter. Mark Almy will be the set man in charge of this project. His numbers are: 463-6581 (h) and 376-4521 (c). If you can help please contact Mark.

I know several have asked about their finances and once again we are working on it. There are many things to consider and we won't have all the answers for some time, but their immediate needs are being taken care of. We will keep you posted as to there needs as they arise, but for now they are fine.

In Christ Alone,
Pastor Dave and Laurie and for the Smith family

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