Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update 11/17

My dear friends,

Praise be to the One and Only God, He who parted the Red Sea and is good, merciful and kind. I am writing from Hannah's room. She is sleepy today, partly because she had surgery on her orbital bone yesterday and the anesthesia takes time to get out of the system. Also, recovery from a brain injury is tiring. Tomorrow (Wednesday), she will be transferred to Sunnyview as a patient in their brain injury recovery program. Your prayers have been strong toward heaven, and He has delivered us from death and will continue to deliver us from calamity. Please don't let up! We have a long way to go but in the end many will see and know the power and especially the love of Jesus Christ our Lord. Please pray for Hannah to have a thorough recovery and to be able to return to school to resume her studies. It seems like such a long range goal, but I've seen the power of prayer, and I'm walking this highway with the best people on the planet.

Stephen is in surgery. Dr. Bagchi is a wonderful surgeon and a kind and humble man. He will be attempting to repair Stephen's shattered femur and possibly the tibia on his right leg today. He will also try to clean up a small area on the left tibia and possibly do a skin graft. If Steve can tolerate it, he will work on closing the wound on his elbow which was operated on last week. Yesterday I had one of the best moments in my life in the worst week of my life when my best fri.end opened his eyes and talked to me. I had missed him so! And I was filled with hope to see him smile. He doesn't remember the accident. When I told him he was in a car crash he said "I'm sorry". I immediately told him it wasn't his fault, and showed him pictures of his kids. He looked relieved and happy. He's a bit loopy (fentanyl at the levels he's getting will do that), but he's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen despite his broken body.

My heart is filled with gratitude to all of you. Your love has carried me through. If I named you all by name, I suppose the list would go from here to Texas. I have seen God with skin on for the last 10 days, and I will never be the same. There's much more to tell, but I'm bone tired, and I'll be sure to write again soon.

As always, your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

Loriann - You have no clue how committed we are to walking this journey with you all! I want to see every fingerprint of God as He performs His wonderous works. He never ceases to amaze me. You all are one AMAZING family with many friends waiting at the "starting gate" to meet your needs. Don't hesitate to call on any one of us! SO love you Girl! Tom & Cindi

Anonymous said...

Loriann, that is the most wonderful thing I have read all week! The girls and Mike and I have been praying extra for you and your family all week! Praise the Lord who hears and answers prayer!!
The Shannons

The Rudolphs said...

We are standing in the gap for you in prayer and so blessed to see that Stephen and Hannah are moving slowly on the recovery road. We're here if you need anything.
Love ya'
Terri and John

Anonymous said...

We are so full of love and absolute prayer for you all! I am never more then 5 minutes away if you need anything at all.

Cara Holt & Family

The Zegers said...

Praise God for the progress!!!! HE is so faithful,Know that, He and His soldiers are with you every step of the way. I love the picture you chose for the blog. It captures all your personalities. Jim and I love you all very much, and God loves you too. Be strong and steal a nap when you can get one. Blessings Jim & Phyllis

rezhead said...

Dear Loriann,

We are praying continually for you, Steve and Hannah and the boys. You are constantly on our hearts and minds...we will never cease to pray for you all. We are continuing to believe God for more miracles..and I know He will answer. We pray for strength for you and a peace that in the midst of all this He will give you his peace. God bless you and we LOVE you. Jane, Eric, Matt, Dan,and Paul Unright

ldegonza said...

Loriann, you are my Hero. You are so beautiful and so brave.

We're rejoicing with you in your best moments with Steve today and on Hannah's progress. Praise be to God. We're continually bombarding heaven with our prayers and thanksgiving on your family's behalf and won't stop. God is so faithful...His mercies never come to an end. Love you and God bless, Laurie, Garry, Garry and Skyler

Anonymous said...

Yes,I love that picture!!Studying it,God reveals the tremendous gift He placed in my life~THank You Father.My prayers are day & night long.Most nights 2-3am,I find my way downstairs,to praying.I am so "Proud" of You,keeping your eyes on the Cross.As I remain Bold in faith & prayer,I feel the Holy Spirit strongly consuming you all,in Christ that lives in you.Christ the King Spiritual Life Center- healing@CtKcenter.org-is available for all your prayer warriors.100's & 100's of prayers have & continue to be shouted from God's Mountain.If you mention Sarge,they will reply to quesions,request,etc.Loriann,the Sisters at the convent of St Marys,have my girl,Hanna & my smiling buddy in vespers-6:30am each morning.You know this Marine & how I can fight.I leave you with this for today~Jesus has "called Us "Victors" not victuums"
His Greatest Peace/Faith All my Love~Sarge
For Any One
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Nassau,NY 12123
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