Wednesday, November 25, 2009

11/25/09 Update

(from DFGC)
Hannah is going home today and the Smith family will now be needing some meals. So many of you have contacted us wanting to serve the Smiths in some way. Here is your opportunity.

If you are willing to make a meal, please click on the "Smith Family Needs -- Meals & Needs Calendar" on the right side of this blog. It will show you what meals are needed and when. Then, please contact Judy Almy at (518) 463-6581 any day between 9 AM and 8 PM. (Please leave a message if there is no answer and she will get back to you.) Judy will coordinate dates with you, and then she will add your name to the "Meals & Needs Calendar" so that everyone can stay up to date.

May God bless all of you for your availability to meet this precious family's needs.


Angel Maloney said...

Dearest Smith Family,
You don't know us but the VanNattens asked us for prayer. I have spread it through our church as well. We have our 24 hr. monthly prayer weekend we all take turns praying to fill the 24 hr.'s. We have been praying for you all always. Your family has been in these prayers. I know you are so overwhelmed with everything. Please don't feel you have to respond to me. I just wanted you to know you are ALL in our prayers. I saw your family on your blog and you are a beautiful & handsome bunch.

Anonymous said...

Hello Loriann, It's your friends from the country. We have been coasting along reading your blogs and the comments and Dave said, "I have the perfect thing to share w/ them about fear!" This is an exerpt from Max Lucado's bk The Applause from Heaven. (its lengthy, but well worth the time) The Bandit of Joy: He was a professional theif. His name stirred fear as far as the desert wind stirs tumbleweeds. He terrorized the Wells Fargo stage line for thirteen years, roaring like a tornado in and out of the Sierra Nevadas, spooking the most rugged fronteirsmen. In journals from San Francisco to New York, his name became synonymous with the danger of the frontier.
During his reign of terror between 1875 and 1883, he is credited with stealing the bags and the breath away from 29 different stagecoach crews. And he did it all without firing a shot. His weapon was his reputations. His ammunition was intimidation. A hood hid his face. No victim ever saw him. No artist ever sketched his features. No sheriff could ever track his trail. He never fired a shot or took a hostage.
He didn't have to. His presence was enough to paralyze. Black Bart. A hooded bandit armed with a deadly weapon. He reminds me of another thier-one who's still around. You know him. Oh you've never seen his face either. You couldn't describe his voice or sketch his profile. But when he's near, you know it in a hearbeat.
If you've ever been in a hospital, you've felt the leathery brush of his hand against yours. If you've ever sensed someone was following you, you've felt his cold breath down your neck. If you've awakened late at night in a strange room, it was his husky whisper that stole your slumber. You know him. It was this thief who left your palms sweaty as you went for a job interview. It was this con man who convinced you to swap your integrity for popularity. And it was this scoundrel who whispered in your car as you left the cemetery, "you may be next"
He's the Black Bart of our soul. He doesn't want your money. He doesn't want your diamonds. He won't go after your car.He wants something far more precious. He wants your peace of mind-your joy.
His name? Fear
His task is to take your courage and leave you timid and trembling. His modus operandi is to manipulate you with the mysterious, to taunt you with the unknown. Fear of death, fear of failure, fear of God, fear of tomorrow-his arsenal is vast. His goal? to create cowardly, joyless souls.
He doesn' want you to make the journey to the mountain. He figures if he can rattle enough, you will take your eyes off the peak and settle for a dull existence in the flatlands."

We will continue to pray for you and your whole family. We know you are courageous and trusting the Lord for each step you take on this journey. As a friend once said, "What is the next right thing to do?"
Love-The Rebeor's

rezhead said...

1 John 4:18
Perfect love drives out fear..
I know this is only part of the verse but I feel this is what I wanted to share with you. May HIS perfect LOVE drive out all your fears. I know Hannah will be 100 per cent and more because of the mighty God we serve..Praise Him. I am so happy your beautiful daughter is now home with you. We are praying for all of you constantly...I have felt such a strong mighty presence of God when I pray for you all. I know God is working all things out in your life for His glory. I rejoice from the bottom of my heart that God has His hands on Hannah and Steve and brought them out of darkness into light..HIS healing light. I pray for continued strength for you Lorianne that God would just give you extra peace and grace...I know HE is in control and will continue this mighty work. Much LOVE Jane Unright