Saturday, November 28, 2009

Update 11/28/09

Dear friends,

I am rewriting this entire blog because I accidentally stepped on the power button on my surge protector. Everything just doesn't go right in life. Now that is an understatement! David understood that when he was being hunted down by Saul. Joseph understood that when he was falsely accused by Potipher's wife. I have no doubt every one of you has felt the stab of life's un-rightness. I wish I could help ease your suffering the way you have helped ease mine. All I can say is thank you. That's an understatement too.

My brother commented on the blog yesterday and captured a perfect sentiment: "Beyond the missing teeth and impulsiveness, beyond the rods, pins and loss of appetite, are two hearts of gold..." You nailed it, kidlet. Stephen and Hannah are making their own way on this zig zaggy pilgrim road. We've all seen the Great One do remarkable things over the last 3 weeks (21 days tomorrow), but even the small favors are marking my days. For example, Miss Rejoice lost her cell phone at the crash site. Verizon, not being a charitable organization, was unable to replace it for the cost of an upgrade since we aren't due for one yet. I was unwilling to pay the full price for the desired phone, a ridiculous sum. My sister in law (Lori Ann Champagne, poor girl has a used name), went to Verizon today and used her own upgrade for Hannah so I paid the sale price. Way, way lower. Praise God. He cares about it all.

Speaking of cash, I am unable to adequately thank you for the money that has made it's way to my pockets. And given so incredibly cheerfully! Steve and I are common folks. I purchased some of those side snap pants for him per the physical therapists request so he can get dressed and still manage with the huge fixator on his right leg. The extra cash has helped get those kinds of things - front button shirts (although they are wanting him to put on a tee shirt too!), Hannah's replacement phone, TV and phone for Stephen at the hospital, etc... I promise you I will be a good steward with every penny you have generously sacrificed. I am praying for a multiplied blessing back to each of you for your tangible help. That goes for all of you, for the prayers, the love, the food, helping with the kids, the visits, putting gravel in the hole in my driveway, putting tires on my car, cleaning out my gutters, raking my lawn, washing my clothes, picking up my mail, picking me up off the floor at Albany Med, bringing your children to help my daughter, making out my bills, driving from Connecticut, driving from Virginia, leaving your own loved ones to help me, and on and on and on. You see why I feel so inadequate with any expression of gratitude? I hope to pay it forward, as I could never pay it back.

Stephen had a rough go of it today. I spent quite a bit of time with him this afternoon. (Thanks to the beautiful Jessica for taking care of the kids and transporting them to Sunnyview in the evening). He did eat a little more today (keep those prayers coming - I really believe he'll take a turn in his appetite), but his digestion is off. Without going into the gory details, it helped him greatly when they removed his catheter. Suffice it to say he was experiencing a great deal of discomfort and anxiety. I've seen the man sweat, but never as much as today. By the time we left, however, the nurse had him quite comfortable. He is getting some skin breakdown on his back which is a concern. Hopefully they can get him up in a wheelchair by Monday. We're moving in the right direction, it's just kind of rocky.

We heard a great saying at church on Good Friday. It said of Jesus' suffering: "It's Friday, but Sunday's comin'..." Well, I am in no way comparing this suffering to that of our precious Jesus. But I too can say, "It's Friday, but Sunday's comin'..." May be a while, but He'll take us there.

You are the absolute best people on the planet.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,

Today I thought a lot about the men and women who rescued Stephen and Hannah almost 21 days ago. To the policemen, the firemen, the EMT's, paramedics, helicopter medics and pilot, helpful bystanders, and that Army medic who I know was sent by God, I LOVE YOU! This blog would look quite different if it hadn't been for you. There were hundreds praying for you as you pulled my train wreck of a husband and my battered daughter out of that smashed car. (Even my friend John Cole of Cole Collision couldn't fix that bad boy). Someday we'll all have a party. Lemonade only please.

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