Monday, November 23, 2009

Update 11/23/09

Dear friends, 

I continue to be absolutely astonished by The Great and Mighty One.  How strange it is that sorrow and joy can be twin sisters of different mothers (ok, now I do sound tired!)  Truly though, I am holding both of their hands and finding my way through this shadowy place.  "He has prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies.  He has anointed my head with oil.  My cup runneth over.  Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life...."  

The docs, therapists and nurses at Sunnyview are all saying WOW.  Hannah Mary Rejoice is herself, I mean really HERSELF.  She had many friends with her today, chattering away and making plans for a future she will now have.  One of her high school buds came and she showed him the fish she named after him in the fish tank.  She will have a challenging road ahead, but with friends like you to travel with her she'll surely take her ground, mile by mile.  The social worker is trying to get things in place to make possible a prompt discharge.  Can you even stand it?  Fifteen days ago she was unconscious with a subdural bleed in her frontal lobe.  Today she was laughing about the jello she spilled on MY sneakers...  Oh, and Dr. Taranto, if you're reading this, she would like her new teeth to be perfectly straight....

Though the ortho docs never connected with me today, Dr. Bagchi told Stephen the graft looked good (PRAISE GOD!) and he will be in surgery tomorrow at 9am.  The plan is for a five 1/2 hour surgery, but who knows?  Last time he went 9 hours (I was wrong about 7), and Stephen tolerated the anesthesia very well.  Steve didn't feel too well today.  He has no appetite (probably the oxy for pain), and he was very tired.  We have an added complication of some double vision, which neurology is looking at.  He has no head injury, but probably got one bad boy concussion.  Who knows?  Let's just pray for him and once again ask the Giver of all skill to make these incredibly intelligent medical people even smarter than they are.  I wish I could take away all Stephen's misery, but I can't.  It's a crummy feeling, and a helpless one.  I'm so very grateful he's alive, but it makes me so sad to see my sweetie who loved to stride during lunch at the Corning Preserve stuck with external fixators and a sick belly.  Even in this, "he will stand, for God is able to make him stand."

The fabulous Mary Louise is at this moment staying with my baby girl so I can once again sit on the Walker's couch and give you a glimpse of my life -  the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks for reading my night time scribbles.  That you care so much humbles me.  I wish I could have a cup of coffee with each one of you, one on one, and hear all about YOUR joys and sorrows.  I would gladly share them as you have shared mine.  For now, we love one another across the cyber miles.  

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


PS: The comments are pure gold.  Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Loriann praise God, for all blessings flow from him! I can't express in words the joy I feel for you or how much I have learned from your faith. This is the kind of "rain" that we want to be soaked in ... Happy thanksgiving, and boy do we have reasons to be thankful!
Ann S

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! I'm soooo excited about Hannah's progress. If she gets out Wed. tell her she's got me beat by about 4-5 days. Our God is so awesome!!! Will continue laboring in prayer for Steve. Love you so much

Anonymous said...

Dear Smith family:

We continue to pray for you all. The prayers for your entire family are everywhere! I feel like every Christian 'circle' I am involved with is praying for the Smiths! (OSL, LCS,etc., even my friend in Maine has her church prayer chain praying for you!) The love that we all have for your family is just incredible - what an awesome example of the Kingdom of God has come from this situation -- and, oh how the Kingdom has been brought together! This may seem odd, but I actually feel that it is an honor to be one of the prayer warriors for Hannah and Steve's healing, and for the comfort and strength of Loriann and the boys. It is a privilege to be as Loriann says, "on the Pilgrim road" with you Smiths, a true honor. Continuing to pray, and longing to hear the full testimony - Joanna

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sweet Loriann -

If I may mirror the comments you have many times said to countless of us who have gone through suffering in our cell group, “as you are being squeezed we are reaping the wine”. It has never been more evident than now, as your family goes through this time of suffering that there are many who will reap the benefits. I can’t help but to think as countless prayers are offered and the incense reaches heaven’s ears, the angels respond and turn to God Almighty for answers - as the thunderous prayers are attended quickly! It is no doubt as prayers go up day & night it has to be deafening in the heavens as the Lord responds to our heartfelt and tearful prayers. There is nothing to say that doesn’t mimic what others have said other than we will keep flooding heavens gates until it busts forth with HIS answers to our prayers for you. We love and miss you all!

Karen & Mike G.

The Zegers said...

Loriann, We are in awe of our Lord, who is pouring forth healing on Hannah & Steve. This is great news and we are continuing to pray for all of your family, to heal,have peace, rest and to be together at home. These events have brought the body of Christ together. My daughter Chrissie's church in Chicago are praying for all of you.Hold on Dear One, help is on the way. We love you all very much. Blessings Jim & Phyllis

Jessica said...

hahahah!! the fish hannah named after greg!! we found names for all the fish actually. Greg, tammi, leah, brandon, dan, alyssa and there might have been a couple more but i forgot them. She really is hannah again! everyone was saying she's better but she's "not quite there yet" but she's there. leaping through every obstacle that comes her way. But that's hannah. God has given her that strength and ability and He is and will keep doing the same thing with your husband. i love you guys! soooo much!

Diana said...

Just sent you a note out today, but wanted to let you know how much you all are in my thoughts and prayers--I don't know how long it for you to receive mail from over here(!). Even in the midst of tribulation, Lori, you are such a tremendous light, shining for Jesus in every corner--in the hospital, within your family, and over the internet. As I hungrily read your blog, I find myself laughing and sobbing at the same time! Precious friend, I just wish I could be there to bear some part of your burden, but our Lord--truly the Great One--has all your bases covered. How much he loves you and Steve and Hannah and the boys! I am so blessed by your faithful walk with Jesus and look forward to seeing EVERYONE in person, soon.

Chris Cloutier said...

WE are so happy to hear of Hannahs progress and that Steves skin graft was looking good. Blessings are falling from The Almighty as he
leads Hannah in the direction of hope, with his Mercy. I believe all these prayers by we who love you are adding up. Looking forward to more good news. and a visit with you.
Chris, Okhee and Zachary

Amber J said...

Wow, I just connected to your blog through my mom's (Laureen Lawrence) facebook and I admit- I have just sat here for almost 40 minutes reading through every update.
What a journey you are on and have been on. I will be praying for you as your heartache is close to ours in what we suffered with my brother's accident.
The book you asked about IS in Sunnyview- at least it should be. If you cannot find it, please let me know
I am ordering more as I have even run out here at home.
So, please know - one more prayer warrior is here! :)

Kim Garzone said...


Although we have never been introduced, you sang at my sister’s wedding (Tracy Rashford), you and your family have a special place in my heart. You have become a part of my daily routine. I look forward to reading all of your updates every morning and I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to let all of us know how Stephen and Hannah are doing. I am so THRILLED at all the positive progress they are making. My entire family has been pulling for Stephen and Hannah and will continue to do so! You are a great inspiration to all and your strength radiates throughout your words.

Much love,
Kim Garzone

Ann Shannon said...

Loriann, Nancy and I were just talking about what we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and we realized that this holiday could have turned out so differently. Praise to the great I AM that we are thankful for Steve and Hannah's very lives this week rather than the unspeakable alternative! The Great One did indeed reach down into the depths and pull them back! What an awesome display of His Power! There are not words to describe my awe at this, I am sure you must be even more awestruck. Have a blessed Thanksgiving as you thank the One and Only! I know we do and will continue to praise Him for His miracles!
Ann S

Tiffany Ann said...

"We have whatever we ask from Him if we do things that are pleasing in His sight"....keep walking in faith, keep clinging to Christ. What a joy it is to see the Lord working. Honestly, I must confess that often I pray and then when God acts, I am surprised....forgive me, Father. May that change! May we EXPECT His miraculous hand in our lives. I love you guys so much and am continually lifting you up. You are such an encouragement, even in your darkness!

Anonymous said...

What joy I have in my heart to hear the news of Hannah!!! The Lord is amazing and merciful, to say the very least. I'm not one to think of holidays days more special than the rest, but this Thanksgiving will truly have special meaning as we celebrate the saved lives of Hannah and Steve. The Barkers are continuing to pray dilligently, and we will not stop until ALL is well. We love you all so very much, and I, for one, am looking forward to that cup of coffee with you, just to see you face to face, beaming with joy over what the Lord has done for you and your family. "On Him we have set our hope..." 2 Cor 1:10

Hannah said...

Thanks, everyone!!! I'm doing so great and I might even get out tomorrow!!! I miss everyone, but tons of people visited me, so that's great.

Anonymous said...

I have been praying for Jesus to cover you all as a family and individually. I have been praying that all of your prayer requests are granted.... And through all this praying God has opened Himself up to me and touched my heart even deeper then ever before. For the sheer miraculousness of Hannah and Steve's recovery... the display of absolute mercy and grace that our Father has lain out like a rainbow for you Smiths!
Every one of these comments, replies, and all of your blogs Loriann have shown me a piece of God in each of the voices. What a beautiful voice He has! How blessed we all to see the very best of love manifest on one web page! Although I know I wont be perfect I am re-committed to loviong more and judging less, I am eager to see the Christ in everyone now more then ever. Through all of your trails, the faith of your family Loriann and the honesty of your heart.... Well, you have brought us all closer to God... I hope you can see that. I know that this trial is long and hard and there is nothing that will change the challenges that you all will face and deal with in the future. But God's purpose for you all is so great that NOTHING can defeat it. I know you will stay continually blessed and am so honored to stand in a place where the light of Christ can shine on me through you.
With love!!!!!

Sticky Fingers Gourmet Apples said...

Our family loves you Loriann, Stephen, Hannah, Joseph and David. God is all powerful and doing a mighty work here, some of which we can not see. I praise God for your steadfast strength as you come alongside your fmaily in the most loving way. We are praying for all of you sister. Run to Him.

Love, The Harris Family

Lisa said...

God is Wonderful! I am so happy to hear Hannah is on her way out of the hospital. What a miracle. I wish your family the best Thanksgiving as there is a lot to be Thankful for. A little while longer and you will all be together at home again!! We love you all and will continue to pray unceasingly until you are all home.

Much love, Kent/Gaffney family

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray! Glad to hear about all the wonderful miracles our GREAT GOD is doing. Happy Thanksgiving!

With Love,