Sunday, November 29, 2009

Update 11/29/09

Dear friends,

"He has set my feet in a spacious place..." Today I wheeled my husband outside to see the sun and sky. We held hands and thanked the One and Only for all He has done for us. Our dream is to stand on Coast Guard Beach in August and roar with the ocean about how awesome the Mighty One of Israel is!

I went to church this morning with the kids for the first time since the accident. I burst into tears just walking in the back, seeing the beautiful folks who, along with our family and friends, have been like a waterfall of love through this deep cavern. Pastor Dave so inspired me with his message, and the call to take part in an "Advent Conspiracy" - the kind of conspiracy that gives more, loves more, takes less. How I long to be on the giving end! With all my heart I long for that. And for the record, Pastor Dave, my husband said to me today "I love that man" (speaking of you). His heart will cheer when you are feeling well enough to visit. But for now, keep your germs in your pocket. You and Laurie are the cat's meow!!

This is a short post because Stephen is waiting for me (the nurses were putting him back in bed after four hours UPRIGHT in a wheelchair! I think I smiled for half an hour. I'm crazy about the man, and I believe he will walk again, no doubt about it. I just need patience. I'm sure you're asking for it too!

Thanks for keeping me UPRIGHT. You're the best.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

Joyous news! More to come, without a doubt! Walking and praying with you on the pilgrim road, Ed & Sue Cummings (friends of the Walkers)

DanelleM said...

You and your family are such an encouragement. Keep your eyes on JESUS and He will do amazing things. I am praying for you guys.


D Bell said...

It was great to see you in church today. I can't wait to see Steve. Tell him I'm knocking on Heaven's door for him.

Anonymous said...


It was such a blessing to see you and your children in church today. It felt exhilarating to give you a hug today and to lay hands on you and to pray for you and your family.

God has brought Steve so far so fast. I looked back through some of your previous blogs and found this in the Nov. 20 update:

"Steve will most likely go back for more surgery early next week. After that it's 8 weeks of bone healing before he can begin weight bearing rehab. That means probably 2 months in a nursing home before Sunnyview."

And now he is already in Sunnyview and skipped the 2 months in the nursing home stage entirely!

PLUS, the Nov. 24 update says:

"The left leg can be weight bearing now."

It must have felt so wonderful for Steve to be sitting in a wheel chair and being outside today. And how wonderful you must have felt being there with him. What a huge step from what you both were facing just 3 weeks ago!

Yes, our God is the God of miracles and the God can do anything, you know — far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! (Eph. 3:20) Imagine BIG! Ask BIG! Dream BIG! We serve a BIG God who does BIG things.

Keep dreaming. Hold onto that dream when you face difficult times and when you get tired. Before you know it, you will find yourself standing with Steve on Coast Guard Beach in August.

I also wanted to tell you that you are on the giving end. You give of yourself each and every time you write in this blog - sharing a part of yourself and your journey with all of us. Thank you for sharing with us. So many are being blessed when they read what you write. I look forward each day to reading what your wrote in today's blog. Keep writing, my pilgrim friend.

We love you all. We continue to pray for you and your family and ask God to meet all of your needs. He's the only One Who can and we're blessed when He allows us to used by Him to be a blessing to you.

Lorraine & Ernie

Anonymous said...

Loriann, Hannah, Joseph and David:

What a sight it was to behold when you walked through the church this morning. It was something that we wouldn’t have imagined would have been so soon. We can’t convey how much hope it brings and seeing the revelation of how all our lives can be so close to eternity. What a reminder of how to live out our days - for none of us knows about tomorrow. What you’re going through is like when the Israelites were in the desert and each day God supplied what they needed for that day. So too can we believe the same for your family – God supplying the manna for each new day. We can’t help but to smile with you as you were able to enjoy such a beautiful sunny day with Steve outdoors. Our prayers are reaching heavens doors with a mighty roar, aren’t they?

Karen & Mike G.

Tiffany Ann said...

I agree, you are, in some way, on the giving end also. God is enabling you and you are encouraging others as you trust Him. I just love you, Loriann....keep walking one step at at time, holding onto Jesus.