Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 314 Book em', Danno!

Dear friends,

I haven't ever been much of a big TV person. (My friend Jackie finds this wacky since I actually worked in television for a career). Last year there were 2 shows Steve and I watched consistently; 24 and House. Well, 24 ended, (although it sounds like Jack will be back on the BIG screen), and House starts up again tomorrow night. Despite my lack of TV fervor, I am totally psyched to watch the new Hawaii Five-0! Book em' Danno! Woo Hoo, I hope it turns out to be good! It is going to be totally cool to hear that theme song come up. I remember that show from my teen years - and I bet the music will bring me right back to the 70's. I typically like cop shows, though I never really got into the CSI's, probably because I only have so much time to watch TV and partly because some of those shows get too depressing. But I really like when the bad guys get their come-uppins. There's something so satisfying about being safe and sound, especially when you're a chicken like me, and watching those brave do-gooder's risking life and limb to smush the evil plans of the ones on the dark side. I totally love it. I would make a crummie cop myself. I wouldn't know which end of a gun to hold, and at the first sign of actual crime I'd be hiding on the floor of the police car. Good thing there are folks out there with some gumption and courage who do the work of protecting us. As for me, I'll watch it on TV, and give thanks for the real people who sacrifice their own safety for mine. Humbles me to the core.

Over the summer, Smitty and I started watching "Lost" at the behest of my brother in law Tom. At this point I am an addict. All I can say is thank God I don't have to wait through seasons and weeks to see what is going to happen next. Since I over spiritualize everything, I have formulated theories and thoughts on this series that make me ponder the concepts of "lostness" and redemption. There's alot to chew on in this story. Of course it's all only fiction. But stories can be rich in symbolism and bits of truth from the Greatest Story of Them All. Talk about drama! The story of the Great One's doings with His creation, His children, and His enemy is the ultimate in climactic tension. If only we didn't get so mundane in our measly little struggle to merely "survive", and opened our eyes to the invisible world of the cosmic battle between good and evil! It's really all happening, and we are a part of it in the small and big narratives of our lives. All our choices impact the way the story plays out. In the end, the Hero really does come to save the day. And His greatest feat is turning bad guys into good guys. Wild! Death defying! Perilous!

Ok, my drama queen tendencies are leaking out all over the place tonite, so time to go to bed. After all, I must get my rest for another day of my own story. Because as we all know, we have no idea what tomorrow's chapter will bring.

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Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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A loving editorial note: "comeuppance" is the spelling