Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 Months Since Crash

Dear friends,

Holy Cow, ten months out from that fateful November day. Two more months of daily blogs to go. I remember when I sensed God leading me to write every day for a year, that I wondered how the heck I would have anything worth saying for that long a time. Commitment is an astounding thing. It enables one to do things they never thought possible. One day at a time. I'm certainly not saying that any of these posts have been profound, but all of them have one thing in common: the truth. Hopefully my NYU professor Mark Dickerman would be proud. He always told our class "simply tell the truth the best way you know how." I still stand wide eyed at the way you have stood with me and my dear family through this whole stinkin' mess. It's hard to express the magnitude of gratitude I have to all of you, and of course to the Great One, for turning darkness into light and taking what the enemy of our souls meant for evil and stubbornly turning it to good.

Tonite is our cell group meeting, so I've only got a few minutes before some of the world's finest arrive. Maybe just some random thoughts as they come out of my head tonite?

* Cosette has been hard at work. She left her M.O. in plain view with the decapitated baby bunny next to my front steps.
* Hannah wanted to show me a poem as soon as she got home from school today. She's a little writing machine. Her friend Rebecca is coming as her visitor to Gen Church tonite.
* David did a spectacular job rewriting an Aesop's Fable for Language Arts. At first the attitude was a bit lousy, but as he got going he turned into happy David. Priceless.
* My high schooler's started school Tuesday, and have tomorrow off. Some gig, huh?
* Smitty hasn't used the cane in 10 days.
* Kevin K. came to look at some things that need fixin' at my house. At 6'5" (minimum), he stood on the edge of my stairs and replaced the light bulb. No ladder. No nothing. It felt like when the Abominable Snowman puts the star on Santa's tree in Rudolph. "Lookee what he can do!" (God Bless Kevin and his family, waiting for their Visa's to Israel to go there as a part of Bridges for Peace, an organization committed to meeting the needs of many Jewish folks emigrating to Israel from all over the place. They are showing the love of Christ by way of service to the "apple of His eye" with no strings attached).
* Happy Birthday to my dear friend Lisa C. - and to Kevin K. too!)
* David told me today he wants a room entirely covered in beach sand.
* I may have to put Joseph Smith in a large trunk with a lock for another few years. (Love you son, but I may have to take drastic measures...)

So, nothing earth shattering to say, no profound, spiritual insights, just ordinary me with thanks in my heart for all of you. As usual, we'll plug in again tomorrow, and the countdown continues.
As Cole Porter sings so perfectly: 'You're the top, you're Inferno's Dante, you're the nose, on the great Durante..."

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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