Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 298 Stuff and Nonsense

Dear friends,

So what is it about laundry? You wash it, you dry it, you fold it, and there it is again, seemingly seconds later, looking for a repeat trip. If you have teenagers, or had them in the past, you may also know the following diabolical trick: Leaving the clean clothes on the floor, or throwing them there, only to later put them back, unworn, into the laundry so you won't actually have to refold them or put them away.

Then there's meals. You eat something, and then a few hours later, you've got to eat again.

There's a million of these "repeaters" in daily life: taking a shower, changing the oil in the car, emptying the rubbish, getting gas, etc..., etc...

So much of life is maintenance. Keeping things going that eventually are destined to fail. Give out. Kaputsky.

Keep this in mind when you are tempted to try to find life in a new car, or wardrobe or experience. They're all going the way of the Dodo bird. Every blessed thing can only be maintained for so long. Some one of these days this old tent we're living in is going too. But there is a part of us designed to last forever. And that is the part we frequently maintain least.

Yep, preaching to myself again.

Forever will hit us like a car on the wrong side of the road going way too fast. There's no avoiding it, only preparing for it.

Gotta go brush my teeth, wash my face, feed the cat and have a cup of tea.

By the way, just a statement to ponder at your leisure: Stephen Hawkings stated today that God did not create the universe. Shocking, that a man of science could be so difinitive without proof.

I guess for that poor man it's all laundry, dishes and the next bit of maintenance. No great, wild, world beyond. No power outside of the measly human brain. I pray Dr. Hawkings finds the eternal One who loves him so. Otherwise it's all stuff and nonsense...

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Mary Louise said...

Have you ever pondered the handling of groceries? You select an item and put it in the cart. Repeat until the cart is full (unless your teenage boys have left home and then you stop before its full) You go to the check out line and put everything out of the cart onto the belt. If there is a bagger - halleluia, if not, put the items in bags. Put the bags in the cart. Take the cart to your car. Take the bags out of the cart into your car. Drive home. Take the bags out of the car onto the counter. (Missing the teenage boys at this point) Take each item out of the bags and find a spot in the cupboard. Does that sound effecient? Each item is handled 7 times!