Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 305 Ride on the Peace Train

Dear friends,

In my 20's (lo those many moons ago), I was a big folk music fan. Among my favorites was Cat Stevens. I heard him on the radio today singing the classic "Peace Train", and my soul was filled with longing for the return of the Savior and the day I'll zip off this old, sinful suit and put on immortality. Only, only by the grace of God. But I thought of the scripture about those who "long for his appearing", and though I love life and the relationships that make it worth living, the deepest part of me stretches on the pilgrim road, looking over the next ridge, hoping to see the real Peace Train:

"Cause out on the edge of darkness
There rides a peace train
Peace train take this country
Come take me home again..."

I'm sure Cat Stevens had a much different idea of the Peace Train than me. He saw it as something that would happen in this present world, when all folks lived together in harmony. It's a beautiful thought, but if I can honestly express my beliefs to you here, I just don't think so. Sin is too deep, the darkness too great for mortal man to fix. It takes more than human effort could ever provide - it takes the power and death defying salvation of a living God. The peace train is coming alright, but none of us can bring it on. Don't get me wrong; we need to do everything we can to make this present darkness a place of light and hope and love. We're commanded to do so. But if our hope is in humanity alone, we are the sorriest of creatures. It will be the Great One who will drive the peace train. For now, our job is:

"Get your bags together
Come bring your good friends too
Cause it's getting nearer
It soon will be with you..."

Living through the colossal heartache of a terrible, senseless car accident solidifies my trust in Christ alone. All other ground really is sinking sand. But seeing the love and tenderness of friends like you is proof that He truly does not leave us, and that He provides light in the darkness. Evil will indeed be overcome by good. He drives the peace train, but He's got lots of hands and feet on board. I love you all for that.

Everyone climb aboard. Everyone.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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MTB Man said...

That is a great song and you derived a great message from it! :-)